MALAYSIA: Muslims and the Issue of Christmas

Every year in Malaysia, you will come across many Muslims who will tell you that celebrating Christmas is HARAM! It is indeed amazing to witness this. I myself find it absurd. To begin with, Muslims do not celebrate Christmas or any religious festival for that matter. However, we do greet those doing so. Does wishing one for Christmas make you a Christian? Does it lead to SHIRK?

Muslims are a joke. It is this kind of mentality that reflects the current state of the Ummah. On the whole many Muslim nations live on handouts, rely on non-Muslims to remain in power, fall prey to their whims, fancies and threats, kill one another in God’s name just because one is a Shi’a and the other a Sunni, while the Jews and our enemies sit back and laugh. Look at Egypt, Libya, Palestine and now Syria. We are so engrossed in nitty-gritty issues, overlooking the real issues at hand.

We turn up for congregational prayer on Friday, dump our cars obstructing traffic to fulfil an obligation to God without any character, respect or decency. On one hand, we receive a reward for performing prayer and at the same time lose it for lack of character and discipline. The traffic jam we cause ends up in us being cursed and abused. In the meantime, we think that we are the only ones going to heaven with the rest going to hell.

On the whole there is no Muslim nation on earth that conducts its affairs in a righteous manner. Their rulers or leaders are despotic, corrupt and ruthless. Muslims on the whole enjoy no respect worldwide. They are bullied and killed at will and here we have some idiot saying to you that it is haram (unlawful) to greet a Christian for Christmas. Muslims should take a good look at themselves and try to regain their honour and dignity through discipline and character. Developing such does not depend on slogans and rhetoric speech; it is lived the way the Prophet (s.a.w.) did through example.

Once a funeral bier of a Jew passed by the Prophet and his Companions. The Prophet (s.a.w.) stood up. A person remarked that he was a Jew, to which the Prophet (s.a.w.) replied, “Does he not have a soul?”  The Prophet (s.a.w.) was not honouring him, but rather respecting the existence of the soul which was created by God. Once Dr. Yusuf Nor, a former minister in the PM’s Department, said during a talk that if a pig passed through a Muslim village there would probably be a riot but if a Muslim missed his prayers or did not do so, it would not matter. In case you came in contact with pork meat, you can cleanse yourself but in the case of prayer, it is lost for good. But this is how most Muslims function.

Get your intentions right; Don’t be a hypocrite practising double-standards; don’t only abide by that which suits you and don’t act like a learned person without sufficient education on Islam. If you sit with politicians, religious manipulators, you brain with be replaced with theirs. Today, we have three categories of religious scholars. The first are “Ular-mak” (the Malay word for “mother of snakes”. The second, “Ulamak duit” (they sell religion for a miserable price) and the third, “The Righteous Scholars”, who seek only God pleasure, expecting nothing in return. They are the ones who guide and help people along the way without saying that they are this or that. Servitude is their goal.

Don’t give me any bullshit that it is OK to wish someone “Happy Chinese New Year” because it is just a new year and not a religious festive occasion. That is a whole lot of bull because a Muslim has his own new year without an animal in the zodiac to usher it in for him! Lets do away with the hypocrisy! Either you do not greet anyone on any non-Islamic festive season or you do so with the intention that it is a mere greeting to maintain good relations. And if you do not want to greet any non-Muslim just because it is wrong, then I hope every non-Muslim will not greet you on Eid or help you in need.

Muslims worldwide should ask themselves that if they were truly on the path of God, why they have not achieved success. The answer is simple: They serve their ‘nafs’ in God’s name and not God Himself!


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