The issue of Muslims being misled into jihad is a serious matter. The outcome is dangerous and frightening. Once indoctrination sets in, a person becomes hardcore. Overcoming this situation requires efforts on a wider scale. It cannot be done by government led institutions because their approach serves their interest. It has to be undertaken by an independent body.

The whole issue is related to global politics and there is no way we can run away of existing realities. Unless we acknowledge these, the whole process of detoxification of jihadists will be one-sided and lopsided. We have to acknowledge injustice and realities, and from there begin to present Islam for what it really is and not some concocted version to serve political goals.

The crux of the issue lies with the failure of the US-EU to permanently resolve the issue of Palestinian statehood on a fair and just basis. It has to be imposed upon Israel. This is the root cause of terrorism. Likewise, Muslims in India, Myanmar, Kashmir and China are being persecuted and killed at will with nothing being done by the UN or the Hague. Bush and Blair continue to be free while others are dragged to the Hague to face justice. Israeli Settlements are expanded; the Palestinians are suffocated and eliminated on the basis of “justified” actions by Israel. Under such circumstances why should Muslims not end up becoming extreme jihadists? What hope do Muslims have worldwide over justice? Has it paid being moderate? On top of this we have decadent Muslim rulers and leaders who sell off the Ummah to remain in office. Extremism is the outcome of these injustices. The only way this situation can be righted is to re-instate justice. You can suppress Muslims; you can kill them; but the end result will be even more frightening. Muslims are fed-up with being labelled as “terrorists”. They are fed-up with being manipulated to serve western ideals. They just want to live in peace and to sort things out themselves.

The second approach is to improve Islamic education. It has gone astray and failed the Ummah to meet modern-day challenges. It has become too Shari’ah orientated; too dogmatic, ritualistic, manipulated and distorted. People have the habit of picking verses at random and exploiting them without taking in the wider picture. Their interpretation is also narrow in outlook. This is due to a lack of basic fundamentals. We need to reinstate these basic fundamentals.

The basic foundation upon which humanity is built upon centres on the recognition of God for who He is and what He is and what our relationship is with Him. In Islam, this is known as Tawheed (the unification of everything in God). Today Muslims begin life at the second level i.e. on how to live, family life etc but no one really knows God. Life is all about us, not God. This is where we have gone wrong and astray. Muslims have become robotic ritualistic followers without character or identity and this is how it gets filled up by Jihadists who are fed-up with hypocrisy and double standards. They start off by going to fight the enemy but end up fighting everyone else who does not share their views. Oppression only leads to desperate acts of vengeance.

Life is precious. It is a gift from God. It does not belong to you, nor do you own it. It is a like a ‘loan’ that requires settlement. So use it wisely, be grateful, because He is the One that determines every outcome. If you are a self-centred person, an egoistic person, who thinks he is great; non compromising, lacking in respect for others….I feel sorry for such a person because life is like a bicycle wheel; when it reaches its final turn, accountability catches up with you, there is no forgiveness but only payment for misdeeds…that is when you sit back and reflect on what you should have done, which of course is too late. Repentance does not bring a clean slate. Adam and Eve had to pay the price for an ordained act, So treat life with respect and raise your family to respect it, to treat it with justice.

The global lack of will to firmly resolve the Palestinian issue will definitely lead to the hardening of souls. It will lead to further bloodshed. When this point is reached expect no mercy because by then even lukewarm Muslims would have given up on the system. It is the current system that has failed mankind but we still can save it positively.


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