Hell On Wheels: Season 1 (Best Dialogue) :(Meeting between Senator Crane, Rail-road Boss, Priest and Native American Chief).

Priest to Chief: “This is Senator Crane from the United States government”.

Rail-road Boss to Chief: “Do you understand…”

Chief: “I speak your language.”

Rail Boss: “Senator Crane has come to offer your people a better way of life.”

Chief: “Better than what?”

Rail Boss: “Better than what you have.”

Chief: “I like what I have.”

Senator: “I understand that but your people live in the stone age, we live at the beginning of a great industrial revolution.”

Rail Boss: “Chief, the United States government is offering you a piece of land of your own.”

Red Chief: “We have our own land.”

Senator: “No. its not yours. It’s the US government’s.”

Chief: “Did they buy it?”

Senator: “No.”

Chief: “Did they trade for it?”

Rail Boss: “No, its not like that…”

Chief: “Then how can they own it?”

Priest: “He has a point.”

(This is what the world has become today.)


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