War Games At a Different Level Globally

Today, you do not need to go to war to humble or subjugate a nation. In the past it was sanctions. Today, it is all about oil, the economy and proxy wars. Just imagine within a short time, crude oil which was at $105 is now at $40 and is expected to fall further. In the meantime, both France and Russia escalate attacks on terrorists in Syria while Turkey and Saudi Arabia are being put to the test.

How did things reach this point? The core of the issue begins with Palestine. To divert Israel’s gobbling up of Palestine and genocide, the distraction took on the form of ISIS in Iraq and we all know how ISIS began with help from whom. In the meantime, Russia flexed its muscles with Ukraine. It was the results of another proxy war conducted by the west to weaken Russia. Instead, it woke up a bear who responded vigorously.

In the meantime, a proxy war in the Middle East took effect with Libya. The introduction of the Dinar and involvement of China and Russia with Gaddafi did not go well with the west so they got the UN (as usual) to approve the dirty work. Oil is the key word here.



Having lost Libya, the Chinese and the Russians were not going to allow the west to take them for a second ride over Syria and Iran. The Israeli-US-EU goal was to get hold of Syria so that they could get to Iran. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way. Instead, Russia in an effort to distract attention from Ukraine went directly into Syria. Its involvement, under the pretext of being invited, served two purposes. First, it served Israel, the US-EU and Iran in the context of getting rid of ISIS and the second, all opposition groups from the west fighting Bashir of Syria. On both counts the Arabs were taken for a ride and ended up being labeled as terrorists. Killing them off was like killing two birds with one stone. i.e. ISIS and the Free Syrian Army under western sponsorship etc. From the time of Jamal Naser of Egypt, the Arabs have never been really supported but yet, even to this day, the Saudis have yet to learn anything.

The battle of wits has extended to oil. Falling oil prices placed Russia in a difficult position. With Iran coming into the picture, the situation is going to get worse. The alliance between Iran, Syria, Russia, is going to be undermined by the US. By lifting scansions Iran will be able to flood the globe with more and cheaper oil. Iran will also open up its markets to westerners. In the meantime, Arab states, notably Saudi Arabia, will be replaced with Iran due to its location in the region. The Saudis have yet to waken up to reality. All they can think of is the Sunni-Shi’a divide. Whatever these Arab states do, they will have to fall in line and occupy second place. Their importance is gone, so too is Turkey’s. The ultimate goal is to reduce every Arab-Muslim nation to dependence on western handouts. Iran in turn has its own ambitions. As a defense line for both Russia and Syria, it has the capacity to bargain its way through the best deals. In the end Shi’aism will prevail, and the Holy Land (Mecca/Median) could end up under their control.

While all these distraction are taking place (you need to remember, when Usama b. Ladin was alive, every act taking place was attributed to him; today it is al-Qaeda or ISIS or an off-shoot etc), Israel is quietly taking over the whole of Palestine with UN and western consent (indifference). When you view the real picture in a wider context, Netanyahu is still the mastermind. Whether the US is Democrat or Republican, it’s the same game with further Jewish advances. In the meantime, the media does a fantastic job of educating us on one side of the coin. Till today, Bush and Blair have yet to come before the Hague for crimes against humanity over the Gulf War. So while all these daily doses of distractions are being served, the New World Order is being perfected.

What we see and hear is nothing but one-sided propaganda to formulate our perception. In the meantime, The Arab and Muslim World (leadership) have yet to waken up to reality. Every passing year has not witnessed any Muslim nation progressing in the real sense of the word. Almost every Arab/Muslim nation has been destroyed through proxy wars, with its people, like the good old days of slavery, shipped abroad willingly as refugees, to fulfill cheap labour requirements and to end up becoming Church going Muslims. Every time the bicycle wheel takes a turn, refugees witness another reality shaping their existence in the west. Each time, the screws are tightened with accusations, they are released and then further tightened…to produce an Arab society that only walks with bowed heads.

Even in South East Asia, the same system works and it does succeed due to power, greed and domination over who has the right to what. Every unfolding game is a well played game full of distractions, to keep every nation occupied with just one thought: To go along or be destroyed!


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