What it means and Takes to Be a Muslim Dog Lover

Before I converted to Islam in the 60s, I had a dog. However, I do not keep one now. There is a lot of misconceptions about Muslims keeping dogs in Malaysia. Of course, Islam has rules and guidelines over keeping dogs. Instead of learning about these rules many Muslims get hung up on western perceptions over keeping pets, animals and dogs. You cannot claim to be a Muslim in the western context. You have to be one in the Islamic context, otherwise just go change your religion.

It’s a misconception to believe that Islam does not care for animals. Muslims may not but often it is out of ignorance. We cannot say that every Westerner or Christian priest or pastor loves dogs better than Muslims do….that’ bullshit! It is a matter of understanding the rules and laws governing dogs. Singapore is a good example….Malaysia is a bad one! We may have laws but they are hardly enforced.

Malay Muslims in particular have a narrow perception of keeping dogs. This is because we are Shafiees (The Shafi’e School of Jurisprudence). Once Dr Tan Sri Yusuf Noor, the then minister in the prime minister’s department gave a talk. He aid that if a pig were to pass by in a Malay kampong it could cause a riot, but Muslims not praying would not, and yet we know that if you come in contact with pork, all you have to do is purify yourself one time with mud, followed by six times with water and you will be cleansed. However, if you miss your prayer it cannot be repaid!

That was in the 80s. Today, things have changed. A pork bristle paint brush etc is ok because it lost its original identity seems to be ok. (B the way, if you suffer from diabetes and only pork insulin works for you, you can take it on the condition of saving your life. It does not become Halal but is necessary due to specific conditions)

However, as Muslims, we do need to keep in mind that there are fundamental principles in Islam that deal with relations with the ‘unlawful’. HARAM is the common word we use but please take some time off to ponder over what I am about to say. The PIG was NOT created UNLAWFUL by Allah BUT MUSLIMS are PROHIBITED from CONSUMING PORK MEAT (Qur’an). Do you think that Allah has nothing else to do…creating HALAL and HARAM animals? Everything He has created has a purpose. However, we are GUIDED not to consume such animals/meats because of their natures and the impact they have on human existence! Reflect upon what I have said. It is rational and logical but it is NOT taught at religious institution!

Every dog has RABBIES and dogs need vaccinations. If the saliva of a dog gets to your mouth you could be in trouble. If it bites you and you get rabbies. When you gt bitten say “salamun qawlam mir-Rabi-Raheen” (peace from your Lord Most Gracious….actually say goodbye!). Of course, we think we are all modern in this scientific age and do not need religion. With today’s advancements, some will argue that the pigs lives in a clean environment and are vaccinated (not in all countries).

We Muslims are so GOOD at justifications, just like Iblis (Lucifer) was and is, we are capable of coming up with LOGICAL arguments that have no Islamic foundations whatsoever! Iblis is the ‘Father of Logic and Reasoning”. His argument against Adam was valid BUT Allah said otherwise! So, there are many Muslim like Iblis objecting to many commands of Allah. The want to be FAGGOTS for western media attention, an if any Muslim country fails to comply, every western institution will be up in arms against it!

Animals in Islam are respected and treated well. You can find sayings of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. on rewards and punishments concerning the treatment of animals. Unfortunately, most Muslims fail to heed the advice.

Some people do pay a great deal of attention to their cats and dogs, at the expense of other humans. They spend more money on their cats and dogs, than they spend on their own family members. Some are known to send their pets to stay in luxurious hotels and bequeath large amounts of money to them. Why? Because they lost faith in humanity? Thank Allah, this is NOT permitted in Islam. Such wills will be revoked in a Shari’ah court!

Who said you cannot keep a dog as a Muslim? You can BUT these rules are to be observed. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) said: “Whoever acquires a dog – with the exception of a dog to guard livestock, a hunting dog, or a farm dog – each day a Qirat is deducted from his reward,” [Abu Dawood]. Ibnu Majah narrated from ‘Ali Ibnu Abi Taalib (r.a.) that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said, “The angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or an image.” (https://islamqa.info/en/69777)

There are conditions for keeping dogs but DEFINITELY not as pets. They are used to guard your house, look after your livestock or taken out to hunt. When it comes to hunting, the dog has to be trained not to bite into the animal or eat a part of it. If it does so, the dead animal cannot be eaten! Many cage their dogs…they must be given an area to roam around. In many countries dog droppings must be picked up. In Malaysian, they can shit on the car porch, left unclean etc… Why? Because we are a great nation, everyone can do whatever they like…?

The dog like the pig was NOT created HARAM by Allah but they are prohibited to Muslims according to rules established by Allah and His Messenger in our interest. If you think your western ideals are better that those of Allah and His Messenger, that is your choice. It will be then up to Allah to enlighten you through someone or reward you with what you deserve, according to your choice! We all enjoy freedom of choice BUT is it Satanic or Righteousness in Islam? Keep a dog if you want but observe Islamic rules governing such. Take into account the cultural environment, the pros and cons, and you will find that it is not a GOOD choice. There are other alternatives. And if you need love that bad and cannot get it from a fellow human, go buy yourself a sex doll and speed your delivery to hell! (Please kindly do not view this article in any other context because I would be wrong in my comments….).


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