The US and Democracy

What you see, view or hear, does not represent the truth. The western mass media has a way of presenting news to serve their goals and ambitions. CNN, BBC and report their version of the truth! All these so-called champions of the truth are owned and directed by a single race.

Evidence of this “ownership of a nation” can be viewed in its foreign policy. Haley, the US representative at the UN recently called for Hamas to be banned a terrorist organisation []. “We should name Hamas as the group responsible when rockets are fired from Gaza, or when fresh tunnels are discovered.” We all know who the REAL terrorists are!

Recently, the US has also called for Hezbollah to be banned, not because it is Shi’a or Iranian (that’s the image presented) but because it is a threat to Israel. The truth is: Israel is the real threat to the whole Arab World. It dominance, firepower and nuclear power in the region is NEVER questioned and CANNOT be question. If King Hussein of Jordan is unable to have a nuclear plant for energy purposes due to Israeli objections.

Illegal Jewish settlements, confiscation of Palestinian lands, destruction of Olive trees, genocide of Palestinians etc has been an ongoing affair with intensity. Every step taken by the Israelis is considered a “security step”. Even the recent incident at Al Aqsa is referred to as a Jewish site. Every effort taking place there has ONLY one goal, the annexation of Palestine to establish the Jewish state. And all this is done with American-western consent. You NEVER get CNN or BBC reporting anything because it is an embracement to western democracy. What we are witnessing is hypocrisy and double standards at its highest level!

On the side-lines, we are distracted by CNN over Trump. Every day, the news is full of Trump. It’s a distraction and a deception. The truth is: whether it is Trump or Hillary, the outcome of US Foreign Policy is still Jewish! The BBC in turn is preoccupied with Brexit, another distraction and deception. You NEVER get to know what is really going on. Instead, every day the western news media churns up news about ISIS with interviews and reports about how horrifying it was under their rule.

I am not a fan of ISIS, HAMAS, FATAH or HEZBOLLAH but I can assure you that BUSH and BLAIR are even worse! We have seen this in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria. All these proxy wars in support of Israel was meant to reduce these nations to utter poverty and dependence on western handouts. Jeremy Corbyn was not totally wrong when he pointed out western involvement in Libya etc. However, the news as usual, gave it a twist and even reported that he laid a wreath of a Palestinian terrorist! Note the carefully crafted word “appears” in this statement published in the Daily Mail UK: “While the Labour leader appears to have attended a wreath laying ceremony at the grave of one of the Palestinian terrorists behind the 1972 Munich massacre.” How appropriate don’t you think so? Whose interest was this paper really serving? []

Any organisation that does NOT serve US interest is a TERRORIST organisation. Saddam Hussein was set up to counter the Ayatollah of Iran. When he grew too big for his boots, he was packed off! Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki, the first Shi’a prime minister was deposed because he did not comply with US policy. ISIS was initially set up to deal with Maliki. It was ONLY after 4 years that the world came to know about ISIS. By that time, ISIS had like Saddam Hussein, grown too big for its boots!

If you can’t understand this, let me bring it down to a lower scale. When deforestation takes place in Malaysia, where large tracks of forest are cleared of timber…just imaging such an operation, the equipment involved, and ONLY later is it made public…. who do you think is really involved? Your guess is good as mine. The same thing took place with the creation of Saddam Hussein and ISIS!

The latest spate with Qatar, is nothing but the same on-gong game of hypocrisy and double standards observed by the US. It supports despotic regimes such as Egypt and Saudi in return for loyalty and support for Israel. It is unfortunate that Arab countries have been reduced to such decadence. Call it SURVIVAL on their part but in truth it amounts to nothing but a sell-out of honour and dignity!

Qatar is the ONLY Arab nation whose leader which supports change in the region which of course is viewed as terrorism. It supported the Ikhwan Muslimin in Egypt, which of course became a great concern to Israel and the US. Through a carefully constructed scrip with western media support, Morsi was deposed as an undemocratic elected president of Egypt. The UN did nothing about it. Western governments PRETENDED to be concerned, but it was ALWAYS American-Israeli interests that mattered most!

The recent effort to contain Qatar is part of a wider plot to serve Israeli goals and objectives in Palestine. Accusation by the U.A.E. over “terrorism” is nothing but a pretext to serve American-Israeli interest. The UAE got American support to act against Qatar. It was originally intended as a reminder to all Arab states to toe the line. The bottom line is that the US will not want to lose Qatar to the Russians. It has the BIGGEST air and naval base there! The Egyptian and Saudi leadership in turn do not realise that their “games” are subject to US approval. They cannot dictate terms!

Getting Qatar out of the way is important because Al Jazeera is the ONLY global network that reports things that CNN and BBC will not report. Qatar and Al Jazeera keep exposing Israeli goals in Palestine. Qatar is accused of supporting Hamas and revolutions (actually a call for change) in Egypt, Saudi etc. What does this show us? It indicates that some Arab leaders are willing to do whatever it takes just to remain in office!

What makes the US the most unreliable partner in any political relationship throughout the world? The answer is simple: it cannot be TRUSTED! The civil war in Syria is a proxy war serving Israeli interest. It was NOT staged for democracy or freedom; it was staged so that the US could be next to Iran! It FAILED miserably because it did not SUPPLY the Syrian Free Army with the weapons it needed. The Syrian opposition, like all Arab political organisation, were typically arguing over who should be in charge. These IDIOTS did not know who they were serving! They did not serve God nor their nation but ONLY viewed their self-interest. Those groups that were Islamic, were considered terrorists! Anyway, understanding who really is Islamic is another mind-boggling issue these days!

When you view the way, the US conducts itself around the world, notably in the Middle East; when you view its foreign policy and support for Israel and its behaviour at the UN, anyone or any nation relying on its support needs to think twice. Turkey recently experienced this and as usual the western mass media keep demonising anything that represents “independence” from US policy!

The ONLY reason why Russia succeeds is that it has a clear-cut policy and I must say that it is doing a better job than the US. However, we should NOT be fooled by Russian. Like the US, it serves its own interests! It is in agreement that ISLAM and MUSLIMS have NO place in the political system, except to tag along! The Axis of evil remains firmly entrench that Islam and Muslims must NEVER be allowed to rule the world.

Countless vetoes at the UN in support of Israel only encouraged Russia and China to adopt the same policy when it came to their own interests. Like all western institutions, the UN is a disgrace. The Russian play the same game over Syria and for the first time, the US is realising that it cannot continue bullying every nation the way it used to do before!

What the American people need to realise is that they need to take possession of their country and put an end to it being run by the elite. What Arab leaders need to realise is that their honour and dignity lies with Allah. Muslims in turn need to take a good look at themselves. Until they do so, they will end up being served on the menu for sacrifice!


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