Philosophy on Thought

To all those who attending Qur’anic classes and studying the Qur’an, let me present you with a philosophical question (Mantik Islam): If Allah knew what Iblis would turn out to be, why did He create Him? The angels in the Qur’an too did NOT speak favourably about the creation of Adam…look at mankind today.

The first thing Islamic scholars will tell you is that you CANNOT QUESTION Allah Even the angels submitted to it. Anyway, doing so in this case is NOT KUFR! It wanting to know; to acquire knowledge. Do NOT be a BLIND follower! You NEED to KNOW something, to some point of acceptance, NOT blind acceptance!

You may come up with many answers concerning this question in relation to the purpose, objective and whatever you like. The bottom line is: Allah knows best. In the first place He also knew that the heavens and the earth, mountains etc all turned down the role of being His Vicegerent ….only ‘foolish man’ accepted it, and man is ‘ever in haste’ (all Qur’anic expressions).

The essence of the whole situation has just one message: Everything is in the hands of Allah; He determines every outcome as He deems fit; He punishes whom He pleases and He forgives whom He pleases etc. In one sense, He is the BOSS not you! Whatever you do and hope to gain from based on Qur’anic injunction does NOT necessarily work out the way you want it to be. That would be a corruption of intention with the wrong expectation! You perform Solat NOt because you MUST do so. You do so for your own good, because you have been ORDERED to do so! You can ONLY HOPE (Insha Allah is the word) and look FORWARD to His Mercy, Guidance, Forgiveness etc.

Allah does as He pleases, however, we say He is JUST. In what way just? Look at Iblis, look at Abu Lahab, Abu Jahal…Hitler….Bush and Blair…..Even at this point you CANNOT understand the DEPTH of justice (like the depth of the ocean). You only UNDERSTAND a FRACTION of the TRUTH! Many continue to ask why are the Palestinians still suffering and the Jews getting away with genocide? DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ASKING WHY…TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF AND IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE (WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATIONS, JUST SUBMISSION)

Understand one thing: Until you submit wholeheartedly like Nabi Ibrahim (a.s.) did, nothing will work your way. And even if you did, please, do not count your chips over you submission because submission and surrender to Allah is an UNCONDITIONAL REQUIREMENT. When Allah bestows wealth on a person, He EXPECT him to spend it in His way!

In life, you SUBMIT and OBEY. You do your best and hope for the best. Every outcome lies in His hands and you cannot question Him. You were NOT created to question Him but He CAN QUESTION YOU! You think this is unfair/unjust? Iblis thought so and you can join Him! He owns the world and the world is filled with people of his kind.


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