The latest events in Spain are truly sad and disturbing. Innocent people were killed to serve whatever cause it was. Global news media, notably CNN, BBC and SKY NEWS, all focused on what took place. []


As usual it often always involves Muslims, which in itself is very disturbing because it makes all Muslims suspects rightly or wrongly. It is indeed a very difficult situation to analyse. I do wonder what causes individuals to become radicalised. Has it got something to do with social conditions, economics, employment etc. Has it got something to do with Islamic education and preaching?

What I can’t understand is that these migrants or refugees left their countries because it offered them no hope of existence. They came to the west seeking a better life but seemed to have failed to adjust to their current environments. What went wrong? I have witnessed many Arab refugees in Malaysia, they do not seem to realise their predicament. Instead, they want to behave and live the way they did in their home countries. There is a serious problem of adjustment, attitude and willingness to assimilate. I observed this with the Turks in France and Germany when I visited these countries in peaceful times years ago. Every race that migrates has the tendency to bring in another from their country. There is a great deal of money flowing out too. I guess it is acceptable so long as there is no violence.

Today, this dimension has changed greatly. Western interference, Israeli ambitions over Palestine has resulted in several proxy wars which have created instability in the Middle East which in turn has caused an influx of refugees into Europe, America and Canada. In a certain context, the west is to be blamed for the current situation. However, the real simmering issue is the one dealing with Palestine. The inability of the US and world at large to resolve the Palestinian issue has been the root cause of terrorism. No matter what we say or do or plan to implement, terror on the streets will continue to exists.

Another issue at hand deals with sincerity. Most western countries take in refugees to resolve labour problems. Their societies do not want to do dirty jobs or low paying jobs. In Malaysia, we have such a huge foreign, at times illegal, workforce which we cannot do without. It is this cheap labour that keeps many countries going. From the economical perspective, this is good but from a social context it is not. Exploitation. abuse and manipulation takes place to serve greed, economic and political goals. The real interest of a nation is not viewed at all.

On a global scale, the influx of refugees can create social, cultural, religious and political problems as we are witnessing now. Second generations of migrants are caught in between. They are Muslims but at the same time do not appear to be good Muslims in terms of the religion. There is an identity, personality, complex existing over being a traditional Muslim and a western one. What all these migrants and refugees should adopt is the way Jews handle and conduct themselves in the world. Keep your identity as a true Muslims and live as a westerner in the west. The whole goal of existence should be Islamic without going overboard in a western environment. There is NO NEED to get emotional or sentimental. One MUST adapt to change without losing one’s religious identity! Other do so so why can’t Muslims do so! I am amazed that these people (migrants/refugees) could NOT reform their own Muslim countries but on migrating want to introduce change forcefully.

The danger with generosity is that it often backfires. Any country needs to look into who it invites to be a citizen. Every western country needs to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries as Bush and Blair did in Iraq and later in Libya, Syria and now ???? Its high time the Palestinian issue of resolve. Israel can’t go on killing Palestinians at will, confiscating their lands, building new settlements etc. The ROOT CAUSE OF EVIL has its foundations in the inability to deal justly of Palestine justly. The west closes an eye to Israeli ambitions and when a terror attack takes place shifts the blame and reasons to the Internet etc. The UN and every western institution needs to act appropriately in the name justice. Societies need to be offered balanced news and NOT doctored news to serve inhumane interests. It high time the news media present itself as decent custodians of humanity and STOP offering us lopsided news as as the embargo against Qatar in support of ruthless regimes! Until humanity experiences some level of justices instead of vetoes, terrorism will flourish. It flourishes on disgruntle dissatisfaction over the way people are treated. Look at Egypt…look at Saudi… TIME TO CHANGE and TIME TO STOP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH!