Just What Is The News Media Up To

Just what is the news media up to everyday? To answer this question let me offer you an example. Of late, there has been a rise in publicity over the late Diana, wife of Prince Charles. Just a few days ago there was a news report that Charles should be bypassed in favour of his son. It produced today’s news report by Sky News that Charles is facing a backlash over Dian. All this news sounds innocent but it has an agenda.

This is the SINISTER approach adopted by all news media. Instead, of exposing REAL ISSUES, society is fed with SPECIFIC reports INTENDED TO SHAPE our understanding of events. I the meantime the UNGODLY is left to flourish because it serve western political interest. For example, look at what’s going on in Egypt and the behaviour of Israel.- they all continue FAVOURABLY with US-western consent and media silence….just as BUSH and BLAIR got away with murder!