War Games At a Different Level Globally

Today, you do not need to go to war to humble or subjugate a nation. In the past it was sanctions. Today, it is all about oil, the economy and proxy wars. Just imagine within a short time, crude oil which was at $105 is now at $40 and is expected to fall further. In the meantime, both France and Russia escalate attacks on terrorists in Syria while Turkey and Saudi Arabia are being put to the test.

How did things reach this point? The core of the issue begins with Palestine. To divert Israel’s gobbling up of Palestine and genocide, the distraction took on the form of ISIS in Iraq and we all know how ISIS began with help from whom. In the meantime, Russia flexed its muscles with Ukraine. It was the results of another proxy war conducted by the west to weaken Russia. Instead, it woke up a bear who responded vigorously.

In the meantime, a proxy war in the Middle East took effect with Libya. The introduction of the Dinar and involvement of China and Russia with Gaddafi did not go well with the west so they got the UN (as usual) to approve the dirty work. Oil is the key word here.



Having lost Libya, the Chinese and the Russians were not going to allow the west to take them for a second ride over Syria and Iran. The Israeli-US-EU goal was to get hold of Syria so that they could get to Iran. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way. Instead, Russia in an effort to distract attention from Ukraine went directly into Syria. Its involvement, under the pretext of being invited, served two purposes. First, it served Israel, the US-EU and Iran in the context of getting rid of ISIS and the second, all opposition groups from the west fighting Bashir of Syria. On both counts the Arabs were taken for a ride and ended up being labeled as terrorists. Killing them off was like killing two birds with one stone. i.e. ISIS and the Free Syrian Army under western sponsorship etc. From the time of Jamal Naser of Egypt, the Arabs have never been really supported but yet, even to this day, the Saudis have yet to learn anything.

The battle of wits has extended to oil. Falling oil prices placed Russia in a difficult position. With Iran coming into the picture, the situation is going to get worse. The alliance between Iran, Syria, Russia, is going to be undermined by the US. By lifting scansions Iran will be able to flood the globe with more and cheaper oil. Iran will also open up its markets to westerners. In the meantime, Arab states, notably Saudi Arabia, will be replaced with Iran due to its location in the region. The Saudis have yet to waken up to reality. All they can think of is the Sunni-Shi’a divide. Whatever these Arab states do, they will have to fall in line and occupy second place. Their importance is gone, so too is Turkey’s. The ultimate goal is to reduce every Arab-Muslim nation to dependence on western handouts. Iran in turn has its own ambitions. As a defense line for both Russia and Syria, it has the capacity to bargain its way through the best deals. In the end Shi’aism will prevail, and the Holy Land (Mecca/Median) could end up under their control.

While all these distraction are taking place (you need to remember, when Usama b. Ladin was alive, every act taking place was attributed to him; today it is al-Qaeda or ISIS or an off-shoot etc), Israel is quietly taking over the whole of Palestine with UN and western consent (indifference). When you view the real picture in a wider context, Netanyahu is still the mastermind. Whether the US is Democrat or Republican, it’s the same game with further Jewish advances. In the meantime, the media does a fantastic job of educating us on one side of the coin. Till today, Bush and Blair have yet to come before the Hague for crimes against humanity over the Gulf War. So while all these daily doses of distractions are being served, the New World Order is being perfected.

What we see and hear is nothing but one-sided propaganda to formulate our perception. In the meantime, The Arab and Muslim World (leadership) have yet to waken up to reality. Every passing year has not witnessed any Muslim nation progressing in the real sense of the word. Almost every Arab/Muslim nation has been destroyed through proxy wars, with its people, like the good old days of slavery, shipped abroad willingly as refugees, to fulfill cheap labour requirements and to end up becoming Church going Muslims. Every time the bicycle wheel takes a turn, refugees witness another reality shaping their existence in the west. Each time, the screws are tightened with accusations, they are released and then further tightened…to produce an Arab society that only walks with bowed heads.

Even in South East Asia, the same system works and it does succeed due to power, greed and domination over who has the right to what. Every unfolding game is a well played game full of distractions, to keep every nation occupied with just one thought: To go along or be destroyed!



Hell On Wheels: Season 1 (Best Dialogue) :(Meeting between Senator Crane, Rail-road Boss, Priest and Native American Chief).

Priest to Chief: “This is Senator Crane from the United States government”.

Rail-road Boss to Chief: “Do you understand…”

Chief: “I speak your language.”

Rail Boss: “Senator Crane has come to offer your people a better way of life.”

Chief: “Better than what?”

Rail Boss: “Better than what you have.”

Chief: “I like what I have.”

Senator: “I understand that but your people live in the stone age, we live at the beginning of a great industrial revolution.”

Rail Boss: “Chief, the United States government is offering you a piece of land of your own.”

Red Chief: “We have our own land.”

Senator: “No. its not yours. It’s the US government’s.”

Chief: “Did they buy it?”

Senator: “No.”

Chief: “Did they trade for it?”

Rail Boss: “No, its not like that…”

Chief: “Then how can they own it?”

Priest: “He has a point.”

(This is what the world has become today.)

Following Just the Qur’an and Sunnah

Often we come across Muslims saying that they prefer just keeping to the Qur’an and Sunnah. They do so to avoid being a follower of this or that (madhabs, salafiyah, wahabi etc). They quote the Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w.) where he said to this effect, that he was leaving behind two things i.e. the Qur’an and his Sunnah and those following it would not go astray.


Though this is valid in a general sense, one needs to understand it is a wider context. In a general sense it means following the message of the Qur’an in a literal sense. You read and follow what you find in the Qur’an; you read and follow what you find in Ahadith. This is ‘blind following’ without wisdom. Satan becomes your guide and he is known to take on the form of many human beings. Let me off you this example. My daughter sent me a lengthy Hadith on  fasting the 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah. She said that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said that fasting a single day is like fasting a whole year. One  days = 10 years!. Why bother to fast the month of Ramadhan which is only for one month when you can do 10 days and earn 10 years! This is how Islamic preaching is done today (dakwah). Everyone is offered a Qur’anic verse or Hadith in a distorted manner to become rich, prosperous or a martyr etc. This what happened to many innocent Muslims from Britain and around the world when they joined the fight in Syria. This is how the Ikhwan Muslimin of Egypt lost Egypt. Look at the Arab World today.


Just what do people mean when they speak about Qur’an and Sunnah? Do you think that keeping a beard and wearing a turban is Sunnah? Please go and study Fiqh. The length of a beard needs to be the length equivalent to that of Nabi Harun (.a.s.) as when Musa (a.s.) took hold of him by his beard and definitely not some hairy growth on one’s chin! As for the turban. In those days it took on the form of one’s shroud, not some one metre piece of cloth forming a turban. So when one speaks about the Qur’an and Sunnah, he or she needs to understand it in-depth and not just end with “imitation branded goods”!

Just following the Qur’an and Sunnah is not good enough. You need to possess wisdom. Take the example of Sayyidna ‘Umar (r.a.). A man had heard the Prophet (s.a.w.) saying that “whosoever recites there is no god but Allah, will enter paradise.” ‘Umar (r.a.) dragged this man back to the Prophet (s.a.w.) and asked the Prophet whether he had said such a thing. The Prophet (s.a.w.) said he did. ‘Umar (r.a.) responded that if such was allowed, Muslim would not strive but just rely on this (to this effect). The Prophet (s.a.w.) was firm, however, we do find other sayings of his which elaborate this situation i.e. that this level of faith amounts to an atom’s weight of faith, which will see one through to heaven after a lengthy period of time in hell!. Once when conducting a class, a new French convert told me that it was time for the Zohor Prayer. He was right but he lack wisdom and adab (etiquettes). Though it is good to perform prayer on time, Allah has provided a time frame for it. You can’t expect a surgeon to abandon his patient on the operating table just because the call to prayer has been announced! A little knowledge is extremely dangerous.

One needs to possess a great deal of wisdom, not corrupt wisdom, not manipulative wisdom. Being an intellect is just “Ilmul Yaqeen”. You need “Ainul Yaqeen and “Haqqul Yaqeen” (refer to Qur’an); you needed a dedicated teacher of total submission, not some emotional guy with a sword of vengeance, the result of ‘sour grapes’. If you are just a pure follower of the Qur’an and Sunnah, you are still driving around with a camel, because if I Prophet (s.a.w.) was present, he would be going around in a jet!

One of the major reasons for backwardness is the lack of wisdom. It is this lack of wisdom that has prevented Muslims from meeting the challenges of the modern world. They are stuck with rotten unIslamic local culture and cultural imperialism. There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration. It not a straightforward situation. There are many external forces as well as the state of iman amongst Muslims. Today, we think that as soon as we achieve power, we must implement “hukum”. Please go back and study the Seerah of the Prophet (s.a.w.); the era of Mecca and the era of Medina. It takes a certain type of people to form a state; not some imitators of fashion, outwardness but people of principled character!

Muslims need to return to the basic foundation and that is: Only Allah exists; we exist by His permission. Nothing takes place without His consent. Evidence of this can be found in the Qur’an. At the Battle of Badr, the Muslims almost lost. The Prophet (s.a.w.) took a handful of sand, recited a supplication and threw it in the air. Allah then sent His hosts to help the Muslims succeed. However in Surah Anfal verse 17 Allah says, “It was not you who slew them; it was Allah…”

We live on two parallel railway tracks; one is dunya (this world) and the other akhirah (heaven). If you just follow your ‘nafs’ (ego), you will not be able to see the wider picture. Allah will not dominate it; it is all about you. However, if Allah dominates your existence, whether you like it or not, you will have to submit to His divine decree. Even the Prophet (s.a.w.) did this at Taif. He did not take up Allah’s offer presented to him by Jibra’il (a.s.). If you follow the worldly path, you will be manipulated through the same Qur’an and Sunnah but if you follow the “Path of Muhammad” (Surah Shura verse 53), then he is “Siratal Mustaqeem” (the Straight Path – Allah’s Path)!

Finally, How come 313 ill-equipped Muslim could defeat 1,000 Quraish? How come, with the Prophet’s presence at Uhud, they lost? Why are the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab World unable to achieve success? The answer is in what I have already stated. In short, you were created along with the jinn to serve Allah and until you do so for His sake sincerely, you will not achieve success. Have no expectations in your servitude; just do so out of reverence and humility. END


The issue of Muslims being misled into jihad is a serious matter. The outcome is dangerous and frightening. Once indoctrination sets in, a person becomes hardcore. Overcoming this situation requires efforts on a wider scale. It cannot be done by government led institutions because their approach serves their interest. It has to be undertaken by an independent body.

The whole issue is related to global politics and there is no way we can run away of existing realities. Unless we acknowledge these, the whole process of detoxification of jihadists will be one-sided and lopsided. We have to acknowledge injustice and realities, and from there begin to present Islam for what it really is and not some concocted version to serve political goals.

The crux of the issue lies with the failure of the US-EU to permanently resolve the issue of Palestinian statehood on a fair and just basis. It has to be imposed upon Israel. This is the root cause of terrorism. Likewise, Muslims in India, Myanmar, Kashmir and China are being persecuted and killed at will with nothing being done by the UN or the Hague. Bush and Blair continue to be free while others are dragged to the Hague to face justice. Israeli Settlements are expanded; the Palestinians are suffocated and eliminated on the basis of “justified” actions by Israel. Under such circumstances why should Muslims not end up becoming extreme jihadists? What hope do Muslims have worldwide over justice? Has it paid being moderate? On top of this we have decadent Muslim rulers and leaders who sell off the Ummah to remain in office. Extremism is the outcome of these injustices. The only way this situation can be righted is to re-instate justice. You can suppress Muslims; you can kill them; but the end result will be even more frightening. Muslims are fed-up with being labelled as “terrorists”. They are fed-up with being manipulated to serve western ideals. They just want to live in peace and to sort things out themselves.

The second approach is to improve Islamic education. It has gone astray and failed the Ummah to meet modern-day challenges. It has become too Shari’ah orientated; too dogmatic, ritualistic, manipulated and distorted. People have the habit of picking verses at random and exploiting them without taking in the wider picture. Their interpretation is also narrow in outlook. This is due to a lack of basic fundamentals. We need to reinstate these basic fundamentals.

The basic foundation upon which humanity is built upon centres on the recognition of God for who He is and what He is and what our relationship is with Him. In Islam, this is known as Tawheed (the unification of everything in God). Today Muslims begin life at the second level i.e. on how to live, family life etc but no one really knows God. Life is all about us, not God. This is where we have gone wrong and astray. Muslims have become robotic ritualistic followers without character or identity and this is how it gets filled up by Jihadists who are fed-up with hypocrisy and double standards. They start off by going to fight the enemy but end up fighting everyone else who does not share their views. Oppression only leads to desperate acts of vengeance.

Life is precious. It is a gift from God. It does not belong to you, nor do you own it. It is a like a ‘loan’ that requires settlement. So use it wisely, be grateful, because He is the One that determines every outcome. If you are a self-centred person, an egoistic person, who thinks he is great; non compromising, lacking in respect for others….I feel sorry for such a person because life is like a bicycle wheel; when it reaches its final turn, accountability catches up with you, there is no forgiveness but only payment for misdeeds…that is when you sit back and reflect on what you should have done, which of course is too late. Repentance does not bring a clean slate. Adam and Eve had to pay the price for an ordained act, So treat life with respect and raise your family to respect it, to treat it with justice.

The global lack of will to firmly resolve the Palestinian issue will definitely lead to the hardening of souls. It will lead to further bloodshed. When this point is reached expect no mercy because by then even lukewarm Muslims would have given up on the system. It is the current system that has failed mankind but we still can save it positively.


Liberalism exists within the context of the Qur’an. It exists when there is no explicit command. This means that one is offered options within the framework of the Qur’an. However, where it is explicit, there are no options. You must obey to qualify as a ‘true believer’.

When it comes to intoxicants (wine, alcohol), there are several phases in the Qur’an. In the beginning one could drink but could not turn up for prayer (solat) in an intoxicated state. Later this Qur’anic verse was abrogated (replaced) by a total prohibition of alcohol (wine).

If a Muslim tells me that he still drinks and prays; that is not acceptable according to Qur’anic law.

If he says, he used to drink but does not do so now. I will reply, “Alhamdulillah!”

If a person says that it is ok to drink and that in due time (by Allah’s grace), that person will quit just as he did; that is unacceptable to me. What is prohibited remains prohibited. The individual must make a serious effort to quit! When the command came from Allah to do so, a Hadith states that the streets of Medina were flowing with wine!

Hadrat Shibli used to utter, “Allah, Allah, Allah…..” A murid said, “Why don’t you say: ‘La-ila-ha-ill-lallah” (There is no god but Allah)?” Shibli replied: “I am afraid that I might die saying: “There is no god!” – before saying “but Allah”. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES; DO NOT ASSUME that you will be given the opportunity to repent! DO NOT MAKE WHAT IS WRONG appear to be RIGHT! You are condoning and approving something that has not been approved by Allah.

The lines are straight in Islam. The Prophet (s.a.w.) himself has made mention concerning the lawful and unlawful, and the shaded area in between. Whenever in doubt the command is to refrain; to abstain; to avoid it so that your faith is not contaminated.

Liberalism does exists in valid instances. One such area deals with the consumption of food. Your decision depends on your state of Iman. The answer is found in Surah Baqarah. Do not end up like the Jews. They were commanded to sacrifice a cow. They then asked Moses (a.s.) whether it should be young or old, brown or white and in the end made it miserable for them. You remain loyal to what is lawful to consume and you make adjustments under varying circumstances, otherwise why would Allah allow you to consume a miserable piece of pork to keep you alive under dire circumstances! A Muslim diabetic can take pig insulin if nothing else work for him.

However, liberalism does not exist in this example. Once in Canada, I was offered ‘chicken wings’ which I consumed unknowingly. Later I was told that they came from McDonald’s. I asked whether they were ‘halal’. A person replied, “A chicken has TWO FEET, not four, and as such, is not an animal (cow etc). I asked, “Where did you get this fatwa (Islamic edict)? This form of liberalism does not exits in Islam. You cannot distort the law to suit your ‘nafs’!

NOTE: What’s so halal about Ramli Burger when it contains so much FATS! It may be lawful from the point of processing but the contents are questionable!

Any form of liberalism MUST remain within the context of the Qur’an. Any view is an opinion if has no substance in the Qur’an. It cannot replace Allah’s word and anyone doing so will face His wrath!

MALAYSIA: Muslims and the Issue of Christmas

Every year in Malaysia, you will come across many Muslims who will tell you that celebrating Christmas is HARAM! It is indeed amazing to witness this. I myself find it absurd. To begin with, Muslims do not celebrate Christmas or any religious festival for that matter. However, we do greet those doing so. Does wishing one for Christmas make you a Christian? Does it lead to SHIRK?

Muslims are a joke. It is this kind of mentality that reflects the current state of the Ummah. On the whole many Muslim nations live on handouts, rely on non-Muslims to remain in power, fall prey to their whims, fancies and threats, kill one another in God’s name just because one is a Shi’a and the other a Sunni, while the Jews and our enemies sit back and laugh. Look at Egypt, Libya, Palestine and now Syria. We are so engrossed in nitty-gritty issues, overlooking the real issues at hand.

We turn up for congregational prayer on Friday, dump our cars obstructing traffic to fulfil an obligation to God without any character, respect or decency. On one hand, we receive a reward for performing prayer and at the same time lose it for lack of character and discipline. The traffic jam we cause ends up in us being cursed and abused. In the meantime, we think that we are the only ones going to heaven with the rest going to hell.

On the whole there is no Muslim nation on earth that conducts its affairs in a righteous manner. Their rulers or leaders are despotic, corrupt and ruthless. Muslims on the whole enjoy no respect worldwide. They are bullied and killed at will and here we have some idiot saying to you that it is haram (unlawful) to greet a Christian for Christmas. Muslims should take a good look at themselves and try to regain their honour and dignity through discipline and character. Developing such does not depend on slogans and rhetoric speech; it is lived the way the Prophet (s.a.w.) did through example.

Once a funeral bier of a Jew passed by the Prophet and his Companions. The Prophet (s.a.w.) stood up. A person remarked that he was a Jew, to which the Prophet (s.a.w.) replied, “Does he not have a soul?”  The Prophet (s.a.w.) was not honouring him, but rather respecting the existence of the soul which was created by God. Once Dr. Yusuf Nor, a former minister in the PM’s Department, said during a talk that if a pig passed through a Muslim village there would probably be a riot but if a Muslim missed his prayers or did not do so, it would not matter. In case you came in contact with pork meat, you can cleanse yourself but in the case of prayer, it is lost for good. But this is how most Muslims function.

Get your intentions right; Don’t be a hypocrite practising double-standards; don’t only abide by that which suits you and don’t act like a learned person without sufficient education on Islam. If you sit with politicians, religious manipulators, you brain with be replaced with theirs. Today, we have three categories of religious scholars. The first are “Ular-mak” (the Malay word for “mother of snakes”. The second, “Ulamak duit” (they sell religion for a miserable price) and the third, “The Righteous Scholars”, who seek only God pleasure, expecting nothing in return. They are the ones who guide and help people along the way without saying that they are this or that. Servitude is their goal.

Don’t give me any bullshit that it is OK to wish someone “Happy Chinese New Year” because it is just a new year and not a religious festive occasion. That is a whole lot of bull because a Muslim has his own new year without an animal in the zodiac to usher it in for him! Lets do away with the hypocrisy! Either you do not greet anyone on any non-Islamic festive season or you do so with the intention that it is a mere greeting to maintain good relations. And if you do not want to greet any non-Muslim just because it is wrong, then I hope every non-Muslim will not greet you on Eid or help you in need.

Muslims worldwide should ask themselves that if they were truly on the path of God, why they have not achieved success. The answer is simple: They serve their ‘nafs’ in God’s name and not God Himself!

Orientalism and the Destruction of Islamic Knowledge

“Any open-minded person embarking on a study of Islam, especially if using books written in European languages, should be aware of the seemingly inherent distortions that permeate almost all non-Muslim writings on Islam.  At least since the Middle Ages, Islam has been much maligned and severely misunderstood in the West.  In the last years of the Twentieth Century, it does not seem that much has changed even though most Muslims would agree that progress is being made.  I feel that an elegant summary of the West’s ignorance of Islam and the motives of Orientalism are the following words by the Swiss journalist and author, Roger Du Pasquier:

The West, whether Christian or dechristianised, has never really known Islam.  Ever since they watched it appear on the world stage, Christians never ceased to insult and slander it in order to find justification for waging war on it. It has been subjected to grotesque distortions the traces of which still endure in the European mind.  Even today there are many Westerners for whom Islam can be reduced to three ideas: fanaticism, fatalism and polygamy.  Of course, there does exist a more cultivated public whose ideas about Islam are less deformed; there are still precious few who know that the word Islam signifies nothing other than ‘submission to God’.  One symptom of this ignorance is the fact that in the imagination of most Europeans, Allah refers to the divinity of the Muslims, not the God of the Christians and Jews; they are all surprised to hear, when one takes the trouble to explain things to them, that ‘Allah’ means ‘God’, and that even Arab Christians know him by no other name.” (refer: http://www.islamic-awareness.org/Quran/orientalism.html – for complete article from Unveiling Islam by Roger Du Pasquier)

Muslims have been made to believe that the INJIL is the GOSPEL/New Testament; the TAURAT (Old Testament; the ZABUR (Book of Psalms). This is a fabrication. The Zabur, Taurat and Injil no longer exist and in a Qur’anic verse have been replaced by the QUR’AN.

In my book, A-Z Guide to the Qur’an, I have mention that the NASARA were NEVER Christians. They were a Sect of Judaism. Like Jesus (a Jew), they circumcised, abstained from pork, observed the Sabbath and went to a synagogue – NOT a church. It was Paul (a Jew) who created CHRISTIANITY. Jesus came from Nazareth and his followers were Nazareens.

The Orientalists through their translations of the Qur’an, established the word KORAN. They attributed the books of the Qur’an to be those of the Bible to establish validity of the Bible and we (dumb Muslims) fell for the gimmick. Only now are Muslims awakening to these realities. According to the late Ahmad Deedat, the Bible is not the word of God.

The alphabet “QAF” is used to spell the word “Qur’an” not “KAF”. If you want to translate it into English, you say “Qur’an” not “Koran”! If you are an Arab or know Arabic, I consider it a disgrace and stubbornness if you still want to use the word “Koran” instead of “Qur’an”.

The word NABI stands for Prophet and not APOSTLE. Why? Because Paul, the corrupter of Christianity is an apostle! The word RASUL stands for Messenger. The Orientalists rejected this saying that it means ‘someone delivering a message…better Apostle. The truth is: Our Nabi and Rasul (s.a.w.) was nothing more but a MESSENGER! – The Deliverer of the Truth.

Many Muslims go to Western universities to acquire Islamic degrees from Orientalists scholars, who know Islam better than Muslims, but yet do not enter the fold of Islam..Why? After knowing the Truth, why do they not embrace Islam? The answer is: They are like Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab.

UPDATE: On the issue of the word ALLAH, it must be remembered that no matter whoever uses it, it represents the ONE and ONLY living God, who is God of Creation and Mankind; Under such circumstances the TRINITY does not exits and it never did exists. Jesus was a Jew. He circumcised, abstained from pork and observed the Sabbath. So the argument of Allah being the God of Christianity does not exists. It existed once upon a time and ended with the Old Testament of the Bible. It only exists when there is NONE other but him! If you discuss the matter geographically and refer to Malaysia, then the Christian approach of wanting to use the word Allah in Malay contains ulterior motives because it is a colonial practice only in Sabah and not even a cultural one.

UPDATE 26 Nov 2013: I wish to thank the response from Christians Are Ignorant About Islam | findingdoubt. I have not accept it because I do not want to lose my perspective on the issue I have presented.

If you study the various Communication Theories, you will end up in confusion because every theory is valid in its own way, religion too suffers from it. Islam today has been interpreted physically, literally and spiritually. You can’t do this, word for word, without taking into account environmental factors and situation etc. You will end up with “apologetic Muslims, fanatical Muslims, lukewarm Muslims and practical realistic, who believe in moderation within the framework of Islam.

In Cognitive Complexity, we need to understand why people adopt such approaches rather than to view what is being said. The current attitude due to Islamic indoctrination is wrong. Today, Muslims refer to themselves as Sunnis or Shi’a. They kill one another in God’s name in Syria but yet the Golan Heights remains unclaimed and untouched in the hands of Israel. This is the irony of Muslims today in their viewing of the Qur’an; that they fail to take in the wider picture; to realise that they are being used; that proxy wars are being made to reduce these nations to poverty. How is it possible for God to grant them victory? To sum up the disease: They do not serve God but their own selfish interest! We refer to it as the “NAFS”!