Pig Charged Into Mosque


“Pig charged into mosque,” said the heading of a Malaysia Gazette article dated March 7, 2018, on the incident. I received a picture of the incident through WhatsApp from a good friend of mine. Society usually views such incidences in many ways. This formulation takes on many forms and shapes. In a religious context, notably Islam, the pig is not viewed with respect. The Qur’an states the following: “He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit] – then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful,” (Surah Baqarah 2:173).

It is interesting to note that no explanation has been put forward by Allah concerning these prohibitions. It is a command and we comply with it. Qur’anic verses to this effect can be found within many verses throughout the Qur’an. I will select one: “…”We hear and we obey. [We seek] Your forgiveness, our Lord, and to You is the [final] destination.” (Surah Baqarah 2:285). What this signifies is OBEDIENCE and SUBMISSION to Allah. What is also SIGNIFICANT is that NOT only is the CONSUMPTION of PORK MEAT prohibited but also the consumption of DEAD ANIMALS and their BLOOD.

Now, let me ask you a question. Do you think that Allah creates CREATURES and labels them HARAM (prohibited/unlawful) and HALAL (permissible/lawful)? I can assure that the pig was created halal but we have been prohibited from consuming it! A similar issue arises with the dog and perfume. You can keep a dog under specific conditions and you can wear any perfume so long as it is not consumed! So why do some Muslims have hang-ups’?

A former minister in the prime minister’s department, Tan Sri Dr Yusuf Nor, when delivering a speech during his tenure in office, said that if a pig (not wild boar) passed by in a kampung (village), there will be a hue and cry over it, but it would matter to them if they did not pray. Whereas, in the case of the pig, if you came into contact with it, all you needed to do was to wash the contact area with mud and water once, followed by water cleansing six times. However, if you missed your prayer at its prescribed time, it is lost for good (not circumstantial situations).

Returning to the situation of the wild boar in the mosque, there are many points of view from different angles:

  1. The surrounding environment, consisting of forest, is known to have wild boars.
  2. It is most likely that the wild boar lost its way; it may have been seeking food.
  3. An extreme view, is that it could have turned up at the mosque seeking similar boars. One person said to me jokingly that it turned up for prayer; another said that from a spiritual point of view, it was one pig to another. Some saints have been known to remark that sos and so leading the prayer looked like a donkey. My response to all these views was simple: “Please stop assuming things. Do not say anything as it might lead to slander (fitnah). The wild boar most probably got lost.”

While there is a need to ANALYSE any situation, often we find people INSERTING assumptions. The mass media does this a lot, depending on which side of the fence you are occupying. News and information can be interesting. However, you NEED to check it out; you need to make sure it is NOT fake news or created to ‘add more fuel to the fire’. At the same time, REAL news when conveyed, especially when it reflects brutality and lack of justice, can IGNITE hatred and extreme violent responses. In such situations, there is a need to be mindful. Take in the wider picture; be positive; be helpful and strive to bring about realisation through peaceful positive means.

FINAL NOTE: The wild boar was shot dead…. maybe it could have been saved? I know that some non-Muslims hunt wild boar.  From the Bible, some were turned in swine. In Buddhism, it could have been a re-incarnation of a person in a previous life. ONLY Allah knows best!





We are in the era of Dajjal. What appears before us does NOT represent the truth but DISTORTS the truth. If we examine the events in surrounding the poisoning of the former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. It APPEARS that the Russians are behind it and many previous murders. However, when you take in the wider picture, has it all got to do with Russian involvement in Syria? Is it a way of settling scores over its (US-EU) failure to topple the Syrian regime? Or could it be designed for the Russian presidential elections and the World Cup?

The global mass media has NEVER been honest in providing the public with UNBIASED well balanced news. If they did so, BUSH and BLAIR will be in the Hague! There is NO doubt that it MANIPULATES the news to serve specific goals and objectives of governments or its owners who have invested interest. Take a look at the Russian presidential elections; look at how words and statements are inserted in to DISCREDIT Putin. Look at the way China is projected in a REALISTIC manner as a treat, yet in an Al Jazeera documentary, China is surrounded by nuclear missiles. So, who is threatening who? It is all about POLITICAL DOMINATION at every level. Our so-called DEMOCRACY is a farce. It is WON hook or by crook, through any means. At the end of the day, it is a VICTORY of deception! If the Russian presidential election was a farce, can we say that the American presidential election is holy? You must be joking because it is a DECEPTIVE setup that DETERMINES who becomes president, to SERVE specific agendas! The popular vote was won by Hillary, yet we have Trump as president! In South East Asia, any possible loss at the ballot is made up by increases by the dominant race or importing migrants along racial or religious lines.

Call it IMMATURITY on the part of society, BUT that is how deceptive politics work to remain in office. In some SEA countries, you just sing praises or you are fixed up for good. What you end up with is a GLOSSY nation who does NOT tolerate any discontentment! The MAJOR problem with individuals is that MOST are ONLY concerned with their own selfish selves. This allows the global mass media, the regional mass media and the local media to fulfil GOALS and OBJECTIVES established by INVESTED INTEREST!

When you look at the events in Salisbury, Britain, and the way they are highlighted by the global mass media (BBC, CNN etc.), and you compare it to the DAILY killings of Palestinians everyday (https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180315-israel-forces-assault-palestinian-paramedics-as-they-tend-to-injured-youths/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=hootsuite#.WqpW8e5O7GI.twitter) – where is the JUSTICE? I sent a tweet to Boris Johnson on it. 

What the Arabs have yet to learn as is the case with Syria, is that EVERY ruler or leader does his utmost best to remain in office. If Bashar Asad is a criminal, so too is the ruler of Bahrain. Take a look at Egypt. Because it is a US-Israeli puppet, whatever the Pharaoh does is legalised. We witness the same situation in Yemen. The Iranians are no better. BUT as long as we view SITUATIONS politically, there can NEVER just solutions!  NATIONS as a whole CANNOT function without a SHADOW behind their backs. The ONLY solution for all Arabs and their leaders is to RETURN to the path of Allah. They do NOT need to become EXTREMISTS or even NATIONALIST – just SUBMITTING servants of God, serving Him without any self-interest. The ISLAMISTS need to learn from Morsi’s error. Being a GOOD MUSLIM or MUSLIM LEADER does not JUST mean holding up the Qur’an and preaching like a ‘donkey laden with books’ (Qur’anic verse). It REQUIRES wisdom and ONLY Allah provides it!

As long as the Arabs do NOT submit to the divine will of Allah, SINCERELY without ANY expectations, other than to SERVE Him, they will fall victims to PROXY WARS; they will be led to the SLAUGHTER house. The REASON why all LIBERATION movements fail in the Middle East is simply because, every party involved, every faction involved, has its own NARROW agenda, serving its OWN interest! UNTIL this changes, there can NEVER be any VICTORY nor will Allah help them. In REALITY, all those freedom groups fighting in Syria are NO better than Bashar Asad. They both (all) have CONTRIBUTED to murdering millions of their people. In TRUTH, they serve US-Israeli interest in the region. Just imagine, these people CANNOT recover an inch of the Golan Heights, but yet are capable of killing one another in Allah’s name.

Return to Allah spiritually. Do NOT begin your Islam in a worldly sense through you intelligence and cunning. Improve upon your character; practice discipline and strive for the sake of Allah NOT according to your NAFS! Do NOT believe in everything you read in the mass media. The Qur’an requires that you check it out. Turn to Allah because He is the One who provides you with WISDOM and true ENLIGHTENMENT. Everything lies in His hands. To attain closeness to Him, EXAMINE yourself on a daily basis. There is TIME to begin anew. Allah is ar-Rahman nir-Raheem.



DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.

Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Johor

Aras 1,

Bangunan Dato’ Jaafar Muhammad,

Kota Iskandar,

79000 Iskandar Puteri, Johor

Talian Am: +607 266 6070 / +607 266 6071

Faks: +607 290 9022 / +607 290 9955


Honourable and Respect Majesty, Sultan Ibrahim, may Allah grant you long life and endless bounty.

My name is Haji Mokhtar Stork, aged 74, a convert to Islam (1960), a Malaysian (IC: 440328085079). I have a degree in Islam and a degree in Communication. I am currently doing Masters in Counselling.

The reason I am writing to your Majesty, is to request you to look into the situation at Ming Ang Restaurant at Yong Peng, Johore. (see below website: https://foursquare.com/v/ming-ang-restaurant-明安餐廳/4c4c0149f7cc1b8d48fdb040)

Ming Ang Restaurant (明安餐廳)

Malay Restaurant, Food Court, and Asian Restaurant$$$$

Yong Peng. Johore.


All major coach buses stop at Ming Ang, Young Peng. This is an ARRANGEMENT between bus operators and the owner of the restaurant. In return, ALL bus drivers enjoy FREE meals. This is a good arrangement provided everyone especially Muslims enjoy equal treatment.

If you visit Ming Ang, you will see a WHOLE ROW of Non-Halal stalls providing food for non-Muslims BUT ONLY ONE for Muslims at the end of the row. My wife and I have had food there in the past. On occasions it has gone bad (basi). A plate of char-kuey-teow has NO prawns, no kerang and cost RM7.50. Bakso with 3-4 meat balls soup cost RM7.50. With mee, it cost RM8.50. This is sheer robbery and exploitation of the public who have no choice but to eat there! On top of this, Malay employees are used in the confectionary section to sell egg tarts and cakes without any halal notification.

The public is NOT allowed to bring their own food. This is normal and can be accepted if justice prevails. As a Malaysian and a Muslim of this country, I enjoy rights. I am NOT a Halal Dhoby guy but just an ordinary Malaysian with his Singaporean wife travelling by coach every month, facing this horrible situation, without a choice! Why do all these coaches do not STOP at R & R stops for lunch break?

I am of the view that Ming Ang should make their restaurant a Halal Restaurant so that Muslims too can enjoy a better choice. In this way it is serving ALL MALAYSIANS and not just non-Muslims, while IGNORING MUSLIMS. If the argument is that we Muslims do not eat there or have the money and therefore that is why there is ONLY one food stall (selling rubbish) – then SOLVE the problem by making EVERYTHING halal! R & R outlets do this on the highway. DO NOT TELL ME I CANNOT BRING FOOD IN if there is NO DECENT SERVICE!

I am truly upset and I should NOT say more. I do NOT want to be labelled a racist or extremist BUT justice and fairness needs to be done, otherwise PLEASE order all buses to stop at government R & R outlets along the highway.

Finally, I want to thank your Majesty and humbly apologize if I have in any way offended you. I beg you to kindly look into this situation and recommend the State Government and its Majlis Perbandaran at Yong Peng to rectify this situation. The Government of Malaysia should do so throughout the country.

Thanking you and may Allah bless you always.

Haji Mokhtar Stork



Believe or not but the whole mess in the Middle East is the result of proxy wars conducted by the US in support of Israeli dominance in the region. The mass media NEVER reports the truth because doing so would place it in a difficult situation. It is supposed to be neutral. The truth is: the mass media which is owned by invested interest promotes its own ideological point of view and by doing so convinces the public in a subtle manner that it is presenting truthful news. In fact, it is a DISTORTED version of the truth. It has been MANIPULATED to serve specific causes.

Let me offer an example. This news heading by Aljazeera: “The Boy who Started the Syrian War – We tell the story of Mouawiya Syasneh, the boy whose anti-Assad graffiti lit the spark that engulfed Syria. Mouawiya Syasneh was just 14 when he sprayed anti-government slogans on his school wall in Deraa, Syria. It was February 2011, and he could never have imagined that such a minor act would spark a full-blown civil war.” If you believe this piece of news you are an IDIOT! I spent some time in Syria before the war took place many years ago. From what I gathered, the situation was always bad. The Assad regime is no different from the Mubarak regime. I was able to move freely because the Syrian government respects PM. Mahathir. If you said you were from Malaysia, you got a green light. However, anyone having a beard was suspect. Recruits into the army were prohibited from having beards, reciting the Qur’an and even praying etc. Any dissent was met with brutality (the same in Egypt). There was ALWAYS silent resentment and it reached a peak due to western involvement. What bullshit….this single boy, aged 14 was able to start the war. It was INSPIRED by the events in Tunisia and Egypt. In the case of Syria it was instigated by western interest.http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/specialseries/2017/02/boy-started-syrian-war-170208093451538.html

The Boy who Started the Syrian WarWe tell the story of Mouawiya Syasneh, the boy whose anti-Assad graffiti lit the spark that engulfed Syria.10 Feb 2017 12:29 GMT |   War & Conflict, Syria’s Civil War, Middle East

 Syrians are pleasant people. I found them to be kind and generous. Like in Jordan, the Fajar Prayer on completion enable those present to exchange anti-government views. It was believed that the ‘devils’ slept throughout the morning and were not a menace. I attended several sessions. Arabs are an emotional lot…very emotional….not wise. Being Arabs, they think they know the Qur’an better than us. I have many Arab migrants here in Malaysia who possess the same attitude. It is truly unfortunate that these nations in the Middle East have fallen victims to proxy wars. It started with Iraq by BUSH and BLAIR. Based on false information (rather concocted information) the war was started in Iraq. At the time, the puppet, Saddam Hussein, was installed by the West, to keep an eye on Iran. He gassed thousands of Shi’ites, without any condemnation from the West. And as usual, when Saddam Hussein got too big for his boots, they got rid of him. ISIS is a replica of this situation. Western media is a MEDUSA with many poison snake heads. It CONDEMNS anyone who opposes it. In this manner BUSH and BLAIR go unpunished for crimes against humanity. Saddam Hussein DID NOT possess any WMDs. It was a ‘fasard’ and the UN (another lapdog institution) went along with it![http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/specialseries/2017/01/iraq-deadly-deception-170108082649899.html]

Iraq: A Deadly DeceptionAn inside look at how world leaders and the American public were duped into a war that cost thousands of lives.27 Jan 2017 14:17 GMT War & Conflict, Iraq, Politics

Saddam Hussein was a dumb power-crazy man. To the US, he was the ideal. He was the right man to deal with Iran. UNFORTUNATELY, most Arab leaders are not bright enough to realise that they and their nations have been taken for countless rides! Gaddafi of Libya was one of them. So too was Morsi of Egypt. To be honest, the whole Muslim World is in bad shape, a total disgrace when it comes to Islamic morals and principles. We have reached such a state that Donald Trump can come out in the open to INSULT and HUMILIATE us! This is NOT something new. It has ALWAYS been there. 

There are countless Aljazeera documentaries on how the West mapped out the Middle East for themselves decades ago. That build up has led to the FINAL coffin nail being put into the ground over Jerusalem and Palestine. Trump merely FULFILLED the Jewish plan that was established with the creation of Israel. For decades now, US Foreign Policy has ALWAYS been one-sided. With one veto after another, the Jewish State was ENCOURAGED to slaughter Palestinians at will. Everyday there are reports of brutality against Palestinians. Unfortunately, ONLY Aljazeera and the Middle East Monitor (to my knowledge) highlight these events (It a wonder why many countries ban Aljazeera from being viewed).

 In the past, we were entertained with Usama b. Laddin of alQaeda. With his departure, he was replaced by ISIS. Imagine ISIS was in existence for 4 years, making millions before the world came to know about it. Just who set up ISIS to become a distraction for another proxy war in the region? Till today, we still hear about ISIS and DAESH. Take a few steps backward and you will notice that the TERRIBLE war in Syria is ACTUALLY not about ISIS or DAESH. It’s a proxy war to reach Iran through Syria! Aljazeera in a documentary recently highlighted the destruction US forces brought about in Iraq. Undoubtedly, the war in the region has ONLY one goal and that is to turn all Arab nation into beggars! Trump reminded the Palestinians of this. I am sure he reminded King Hussein of Jordan and the Saudi ruler too.[https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180214-tillerson-daesh-not-completely-defeated/]

Tillerson: Daesh not completely defeatedFebruary 14, 2018 at 4:18 am | Published in: Asia & Americas, Iraq, Kuwait, Middle East, News, Syria, US

 ISIS is just an excuse. To keep a false war going, you need to have a VALID excuse. Look at Egypt. How come the Pharaoh of Egypt (Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi) is allowed to rule? Is he any different from Assad? He continues to rule just because he supports the US and Israel! Look at the war in Yemen. Actually, it’s about regional interest; its about the Houtees (Shi’ites) and the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia. Wars DEPEND on which side you are! If you are with the US, it’s a holy war. If you are on the other side (Iranians, Hezbollah and Russians), you are the Devil! HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET IF YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS!

To perpetuate a STRANGHOLD on the region, America has undertaken proxy wars in support of Israel. REGRETTABLY, not even the UN, EU or any country for that matter can stand up for justice! This in turn has caused Russia to make use of its veto rights to serve its own objectives. I am of the view that all these so-called freedom fighter groups should quit Syria. They were USED and MANIPULATED. The IDIOTS could NOT reach a consensus, and thus were sacrificed! Recently, a Russian jet was shot down by a group and look at the consequences. Innocent people are now paying the price for it! The mass media did not point this out, but like the Palestinians (Hamas) and their mosquito rockets, the RESPONSE goes beyond death! It would be better if all these groups left Syria and let the country return to what it was. It appears to be the will of God. If you want to serve God or fight for His cause, make sure it is NOT US sponsored!

We Enjoy Killing Ourselves For the Wrong Reasons

Have you ever taken a moment to take a good look at yourself, how you think and act; your attitude and behaviour? When I reflect upon my own actions in the past and compare them when I was young and now when I am old, I am amazed and wonder how I managed to survive. As a young lad, I owned a Ducati motorbike. I ended up with many skids and injuries. It was due to reckless riding. At the time it was great, but on looking back, it was reckless and dangerous. It was a NATURAL outcome at the time because our EMOTIONS and EGOS lead us…not guide us.

Even when we move on towards being ‘grown-up’, we still lack the ability to place REASON above emotion. It’s a common fact that we are prone to disaster. We CANNOT resist disaster. At times we know that certain actions will lead to disaster but we just IGNORE the signs. As a marriage counsellor, educating couples about marriage in Islam, I have noted that many do NOT really know what they are getting into it. This is primarily due to INTENTIONS and MOTIVES. Every one has an angle. There is often a CONFLICT of interest. Even knowing this, many still take the path to disaster. We are indeed unique human beings. We have the tendency of doing the unthinkable, even if it leads to our destruction or even death.

I was in a taxi the other day. The driver was a Buddhist but was open to opinion. He used the words, ‘In the end, we are all recycled’. There is no doubt that everyone will die. No one has been able to avoid it. However, the word ‘recycled’ has a variety of definitions. In Islam, there is NO coming back. Instead, you take a step forward in the recycle chain. This has been going on the day you were created in the womb, this world (another womb) and the grave (another transformation) etc.

The taxi driver viewed life as an OUTCOME. Its pointless to force your kids because they will be what they are and do what they want. That was me riding my motorbike. Later, it was the same driving my car, BUT now, it I would not do it. AGE has something to do with. You also learn from EXPERIENCE. Knowledge DOES NOT matter much because after knowing the pros and cons of each situation, we just love doing the negative! By the time, you realise the TRUTH through experience, you will PROBABLY say, ‘If I HAD done this or that…… or I SHOULD have done this or that’. The truth is: ‘IT WAS ALL PRE-ORDAINED!’

If you have the CAPACITY to accept this approach to life, it means that your life has been ‘mapped out for you’ by the Creator and it is POINTLESS to complain, cry or be angry over it. It is your FATE. However, what you can do is to TURN to the Creator, seeking His forgiveness, mercy, kindness, and consideration to CHANGE that which is bad in what has been ordained or predestined.

There are no guarantees in life. You can buy a person’s heart but not his/her soul. You can take every precaution and the outcome will be different. You may think that if you ‘see no evil; speak no evil or hear no evil, you will be safe….it does NOT work like that; you will still receive evil because you are in NO position to dictate or negotiate! ONCE again you are at the MERCY of the Creator. So you make the best out of your existence by IMPROVING upon your performance and HOPE that you will be SAVED! 

Old age helps you reinvent yourself. You may be wiser but old age is frightening. If you have managed to plan your life, then old age will be less frightening. BUT if you have ABUSED your body and not saved a penny, then you are indeed in trouble! That’s the worldly perspective. From a spiritual perspective, NEVER overlook ACCOUNTABILITY!

At this point in time, I am grateful to be alive. I cannot say I am totally right but I can say that had I departed years ago, I would be in even more shit trouble. With age, I can now say to you that what counts most in life is gaining satisfaction over having done a good deed; overlooking weaknesses, and fault finding. Instead, offer advise and try being helpful.

We all are familiar with the need to be patient BUT seldom do we adopt it. We are good at telling others to be patient but SELDOM do so ourselves. The reason for this is simple: we often FORGET that everything begins and ends with Allah. In Surah Nahl verse 127-8, the Qur’an states: “And be patient, [O Muhammad], and your patience is not but through Allah. And do not grieve over them and do not be in distress over what they conspire. Indeed, Allah is with those who fear Him and those who are doers of good.” NOTE: Your patience is through Allah. It is achieved through SUBMISSION to the divine will of the Creator.

The Prophet (s.a.w) was reported to have said, “Patience is the forbearance at the initial shock,” reported by Ali ibnu Ahmad from Anas ibnu Malik. Patience is required over what the individual has brought upon himself; patience over what has reached him as a trial and tribulation from Allah. There is patience also in what Allah has commanded a person to do and patience in what Allah has prohibited him from doing. Are we capable of enduring whatever discomfort comes our way? Some things yes, BUT not everything. If you have an EGO problem, patience is difficult and how will you be able to be patient with Allah when He tries to make you understand? Patience is intended to keep your distress from acts of opposing Allah. 

Have you observed EGOISTIC STUBBORNNESS? People who possess it end up with nightmares. Every action undertaken by them is INTENDED to overcome an obstacle, which in turn leads to even more difficulties. We suffer when we do NOT need to suffer; We are disappointed because things did NOT go our way. The desire to ‘become’ what we should not desire to be leads us to a miserable end. At times we kill ourselves for the wrong reasons. We live for the wrong reasons and end up being recycled for the wrong reasons!


Many around the world are know to fall for investment schemes that can make them rich quickly. “Every so often, we read about some Malaysians falling for this or that investment scam. And you wonder, ‘Are people that gullible?’ Apparently so, and these victims cut across all races and education levels. Scams and illegal get-rich-quick schemes, however, include pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes, with both involving the payment of “investors” from money pumped in by new recruits. In fact, the latter often involves non-existent investments! Penang-based forex trading scheme JJPTR promised 20 per cent monthly returns but was reported to have lost RM1.7 billion contributed by its members. Many other schemes — Richway Global Venture, Change Your Life (CYL), BTC I-System, GD Income Builder, Bai Le Men — also have trouble paying the promised returns or have fallen apart. reported the Malay Mail Online: [http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/why-malaysians-still-fall-for-investment-scams#BdLKXO16DCZtyXbU.99]

There are other types of scams taking place in the country. This involves money-laundering. I was told by a friend of mine, he was made to believe that the returns would be great. However, on approaching the party concerned FOR HIS RETURNS, he was told that he could not get his money back due to several reasons. He wanted to lodge a police report but found out the he too would be charged!

To regain his losses, he has now been promised more gains if he further invests in the scheme. Just how DUMB can you get! I liken this disease to gambling, where a loser hopes that another bet will return his losses along with a profit! Why do individuals end up like this? It is PURE greed and stupidity! From an Islamic perspective let me enlighten you on several POSSIBLE aspects: 

The FIRST, deals with MOTIVES and INTENTIONS. If it was based on GREED, the results from a spiritual point of view would be a failure. You may get rich but it will offer you NO real happiness!

The SECOND, the source of you money has an impact on whatever you do with it. Was it acquired UNLAWFULL (haram) or lawfully (halal)? If your wealth was acquired through ill-gotten means, DO NOT EXPECT the seeds you sow to bring you RIGHTEOUS GAINS!

The THIRD, money that comes in through corruption, deceit and deception, will go out the SAME WAY it came in. Allah did NOT make you His Vicegerent to live in any other way, except the way ordained by Him in the Qur’an. You will be CHEATED in turn to settle accounts!

The FOURTH, Allah bestowed wealth upon you to put it to good use. It does NOT belong to you. It has to be SPENT in Allah way through charity, assisting family and relatives, orphans etc. It is NOT to be spent on our EGOISTIC CARNAL DESIRES!

The FIFTH, no matter how HARD you pray to Allah over your situation, with the hope of recovering your losses, it is a WASTE of time. The Prophet (s.a.w.) said to this effect that whenever you are face with a loss, it would be better to turn to Allah to replace it with something better, because you cannot get it back. It was ordained. If you do get it back, it would be out of His Mercy and your standing in His sight. And if you used the words. “Had I done this or that, it would not have happened…,” that is the work of Satan!

My personal advice is to stick to the rules. Examine your motives and intentions; make sure that your wealth is lawful and then observe the Prophet’s advice: “Tie your camel and then place your trust in Allah over its well-being.” 

It bugs me when a person produces a write up on Facebook about this guy or that guy making millions through Bitcoin, when he himself does not do so or make any money. I have yet to be introduced to a reliable person who has and who has made money to prove he did so….otherwise, its just CRAP news to me!

MALAYSIAN Politics Lacks Maturity

It is very common to witness Malaysians in general complain endlessly about the state of affairs in the country BUT lack the ability or courage to decide upon a direction that can lead to change. Most complain endlessly about PM Najib, the BN, Islamic extremism, the state of the Ringgit, the economy, corruption, crime, etc.

There have been countless arrests over corruption BUT we have yet to witness any results. It is doubtful whether there will be any results due to the level of involvement which could be damaging and have a serious impact on the government. In the meantime, our reserves are shrinking to create a pleasant atmosphere. Our debt is rising and the Ringgit is looking more like a Rupiah. Our money is not accepted in Thailand and in Indonesia, I was told. Our neighbouring countries have gone ahead of us which sound more like our soccer team at regional level. The question that rises here is: “How are we going to repair this situation? Will we be able to do so in the coming elections?”

Just what are our choices to bring about change in the next election. They are ZERO from my point of view….why? To begin with, the BN is NOT that bad. However, it is on the decline due to its own failures. Mahathir is the one who STARTED the rot. He introduced everyone in government to SELF-ENTREPRENEURSHIP! Badawi was supposed to introduce change. He did not last long because his approach to change would have prevented SELF-INTEREST. Now, we have PM Najib. What the BN needs to do is INTRODUCE a brand-NEW set of individuals who will take over UMNO – definitely Not the current set of ‘yes’ men. Only this DRASTIC approach can save UMNO.

As for the OPPOSITION, there is nothing much to look forward to. PAS has been changing its uniform constantly for political gain. It has lost its direction and the ONLY credible leader was almarhom NIK AZIZ. When you look at PKR, there is nothing much to reflect upon. Everything originally centred on Anwar Ibrahim and the political system made sure that he will NOT be a threat. There are many UNANSWERED questions which do NOT make him a majority choice amongst Muslims. Next, we have the DAP. Malays as whole do NOT trust the DAP. The DAP has yet to provide an undertaking on many sensitive issues. The OPPOSITION has ONLY ONE GOAL and that is to bring down the current government. How they will function as a government is doubtful because of their respective goals and objectives. The recently established PPBM, led by for PM Mahathir, has now taken centre stage. There are suggestions and demands that Mahathir be made the prime minister if the opposition wins.

If you examine this situation from afar, it’s a COMPLEX MIXTURE OF UNCERTAINTY. Mahathir is a good tactician; otherwise how could we have had ‘Twin Towers’! Only God know how honest and truthful he is over his repentance. Has he promised to release Anwar from prison? Even Anwar has doubts about endorsing him. Every opposition leader has doubts too. The OUTCOME of such a choice could see us being introduced to ANOTHER era of Mahathir politics, with his family benefiting most from it. I do NOT think that this is what Malaysians should be looking forward to. The PPBM is another indirect racist entity, formed by a number of ‘sour-grapes’ individuals who have an Axe to grind. If we consider the DAP to be racists, then what makes the PPBM holy? Is it really serving Malay interests or SELF-INTEREST? In truth, there is NOTHING really good about Malaysian politics because from day one it has all been about SELF-INTEREST and now, SELF-ENRICHMENT! Society has never been served or placed first, but used to serve self-interest!

Malaysians as a whole are indeed placed in a very difficult situation. Most Malays HOPE that UMNO will change its ways. The majority prefer UMNO. PAS will not help UMNO to improve. Its leadership have become OPPORTUNISTS. Islamic extremism will deter many Malays from supporting UMNO. Depending on Sabah and Sarawak to bail the government out again may fail because these states have made renewed demands due to them. Depending on the BANGLA vote may offer respite but create even more chaos. The ONLY way for UMNO is to come clean. If the PPBM under Mahathir takes office, do NOT expect to witness change. Its JUST an old group of people with the same mentality changing uniform. Its an OLD house given a new coat of painting!

Only God knows the outcome and His decision will depend on the choice of the people. As you sow, so shall you reap! Do NOT complain further after that because you deserve what you get!

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