Most Muslims are ROBOTIC, RITUALISTIC, CULTURAL and DOGMATIC. This requires explanation and examination. When I say, robotic, ritualistic and cultural, it means that they form the majority of Muslims, who pray (solat), fast in Ramadhan (saum) and go for Umrah and Hajj. I have not mention Zakat because not everyone complies with it, but in general Muslims belong to the category termed “Rukun Islam” (The Fundamentals of Islam).

As far as ‘worship’ (Rukun Islam) is concerned, we are the best but that’s about it. Islam BEGINS and ENDS there! Life beyond that is nothing but a JUSTIFICATION based on EGOISTIC DESIRES rather than SUBMISSION to Allah’s commands. It is quite common to see Muslims praying, fasting etc BUT NOT dressed according to Islam.

These Muslims like Anggun of Indonesia, POSSESS this notion that Islam is related to the ‘heart’ and not to ‘externalities’.


“Your belief doesn’t determine whether you’re a good person or not—your behaviour does,” said Anggun. (

Islam can be viewed like a coconut. It has an outer shell (the husk), which acts as a protector. This is followed by a shell to further protect it an shield it from harm. This is done to preserve the kernel within it, which survives on coconut water. This combination enables us to extract coconut milk, which taste well with curry. This is the FINAL product. You will not be able to get it if the OTHER ASPECTS fail to materialise. Likewise, Islam is a combination of laws that lead to the materialisation of true Islam character, personality and performance (righteous deeds)! Without such a foundation, our defining of goodness, righteousness, faith, belief would be based on our SELF JUSTIFICATION. It would be based on Christian thinking or Secularism or on some COOKUP lukewarm notion of accommodation to promote Islam by Muslims!

Coconut kernel

I am of the view that if a Muslim is unable to fully comply with Allah’s commands in the Qur’an for whatever reasons, at LEAST turn to Allah for forgiveness, seeking His help to have the strength to do so. DO NOT be an arrogant, rebellious Muslim, who rejects Allah’s commands on self-justified grounds that they are outdated, JUST because you want to go around half-naked!

When I refer to Muslims and culture, it is related to culture that is in conflict with Shari’ah. What is disturbing is that culture at times is a COMBINATION of religious hypocrisy combined with western values. During a marriage, in the morning there is Qur’anic recitation. Later on we chant praises to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). Then at midday, this followed by a band blasting away with pop music – just what is this? Just what kind of Islam is this? It is full of HYPOCRISY and a CONTRADICTION. This is CULTURE for you. The Arabs do it and so too do Muslims worldwide!

The ONLY reason why Muslims have NO CHARACTER is due to two factors. They were raised up as kids learning the BASIC RITUALS OF ISLAM (learning to pray, recite the Qur’an etc). There is NO foundation in AQIDAH (belief in Allah). The end product has been nothing but LUKEWARM Muslims who only comply with Rukun Islam! To many Muslims, Islam begins and ends here. The final act is going for Hajj (Pilgrimage) and this is the reason why you find many donkeys only bragging about the number of Umrahs or Hajj they have performed! The second factor deals with DOGMA. One a good friend on mine who is a lady doctor said to me: “Haji Mokhtar, I tell all my patients that they need to look after their health; observe a proper diet BUT I myself do not do so. My body is full of ‘heavy metals’ and I need to detoxify myself!”

We have a lot of Muslim scholars and preachers, who hold up the Qur’an and say this or that WITHOUT possessing the slightest notion of practicality, environmental factors, situations etc. They just bla bla bla whatever comes to their mind. They become OVER-RIGHTEOUS ZEALOTS, like donkeys laden with books (Qur’an). They lack TOLERANCE and UNDERSTANDING. Unfortunately, Muslims as a whole, due to their lack of foundation in the VERY ESSENCE OF ALLAH (His existence and the meaning of life), get carried away and become ISIS members – they think they are fighting causes for Allah’s sake BUT in reality serve the DEVIL through proxy wars, established by the super powers (US, Russia etc) and local despotic leaders!

The first factor mentioned depicts the POOR state of the Ummah worldwide. The second state depicts the state of Islam worldwide. To a great extent, their approach and attitude PREVENTS ordinary Muslims from wanting to draw closer to Allah. Doing so means this is HARAM or that…..NO flexibility whatsoever……just PURE implementation of the law!

The ONLY way to redemption is to return to VIEWING Allah as the focus and pivotal point of our existence. ONLY He exists; Nothing takes places without His consent. The ONLY way to bring change over Qada’ and Qadar is to turn to Him, seeking His Forgiveness, Mercy etc….with the hope that He will change your destiny rather than to endlessly ask for that which you will not get! Quit complaining about life and how cruel it has been to you. Take in the wider picture. By doing so, you will realise that fulfilling you rituals in Islam is ONLY the beginning of Islam. It takes MUCH more to be a true servant of Allah. To gain NEARNESS to Allah, one needs to learn that the ‘self’ has to be replaced with ‘Him’. Like a drop of water, you need to become one with the ocean. Life is not about you, it is about Allah (submission and surrender).


Muslim Hypocrisy Over Islamic Extremism and Terrorism

I am NOT an EXTREMIST nor a TERRORIST. In presenting these views, I wish to point out the double-standards, hypocrisy and the causes why Islamic extremism and Islamic terrorism exists throughout the world.

When you view the age long issue of Palestine and the failure of the UN, the US and western countries, and lack of Arab unity, to bring about a JUST solution over Palestine, the NATURAL outcome is Islamic extremism and Islamic terrorism. Former PM Mahathir of Malaysia when in called upon the world to view the ROOT causes of terrorism.

The FAILURE of Arab leaders to stand up for justice over Palestine goes back to the day Israel was established. What was known then at the time has become VERY EVIDENT now. It has always been part of the US Foreign Policy to support Israel unconditionally with countless VETOES at the UN. Now the final NAILS into the coffin have been set in place with Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We have witness Palestinians lands taken over to form Israeli settlements, the destruction of olive groves, the systematic killing and imprisonment of Palestinians through genocide, unjust laws and a global western press that distort the facts and created news of Israel’s right to exists.

Recent disclosure by the Middle East Monitor reveal how the Saudis worked hand in hand with the US over Palestine and how the Saudis also worked with Israel against Iran. The loss of Jerusalem is PRIMARILY due to Arab hypocrisy, double-standards and a total sell-out of Jerusalem to Israel for personal, selfish, narrow objectives, which centres on holding on to power with American-EU support and aid. It is a foregone conclusion that the state of Palestine will finally consist of a worthless DESERT STIP.

The GLOBAL NEWS MEDIA in general makes no real effort to report the truth. Al Jazeera can be viewed as the ONLY station that does highlight Israeli atrocities. It is the ONLY station that exposes the US. It recent documentary on “The Coming War on China” ( clearly indicates how western media MANIPULATES news; how it CREATES news for consumption, where the truth is distorted to create the impression that Muslims are the REAL terrorists. We see this taking place over Palestine etc. It is VERY OBVIOUS that global collusion by those in power against Islam exists at all levels in society throughout the world. There is TOTAL emphasis on Islamic groups that promote the Islamic way of life. They all end up being branded like ISIS etc. 

When you take a few steps backward and view the overall situation, can you say that BUSH and BLAIR are any better than ISIS? Both these western democratic leaders KILLED more people than ISIS did. The ONLY difference is that they both enjoyed global media publicity as being legal and lawful. It was the UN who approved this because the US is its main financier of the UN and it has to do its bidding!

Unfortunately, Muslim leadership and Muslims as a whole, have YET TO LEARN form history. Our approach to Islam does NOT begin, focus or centre on Allah as the pivotal point of existence. Instead, it transcends to the second level which focuses on us and then followed by Allah. It is all about us, NOT Allah, and as such contains NO SUBMISSION OR SURRENDER!

Instead of being just Muslims within a framework that is based on fundamental principles we end up being CHAMPIONS of Sunnism or Shi’aism; Wahabees or Sufees etc – WITH SELF-CENTRED AGENDAS! Take the war in Yemen. What is it REALLY about? Who really created ISIS? Who created Saddam? After four years in existence ISIS worth billions became known to the world. We have had so many PROXY WARS in the Middle East just to prop up Israel as the dominant power in the region. We condemn North Korea over its nuclear ambitions but Israel has an arsenal of nuclear bombs, We speak against China but China is surrounded by US missiles!

What is amazing about Muslim leadership (I do NOT use the word Islamic leadership because it does NOT exist according to Islam), it that it appears to stand for Islam but in fact is led by a set of corrupt, despotic, selfish, greedy leaders who place self-interest above everything else! is that it can sell out any nation or anyone at any time even if it means working with the devil! (The Saudis with Israel against Iran).

What is equally amazing is that we have countless people SPEAKING OUT AGAINST EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM but NONE have come out to call for an end to what is bringing this situation about! In Qur’anic context, we are SUPPOSED to become like Christian ‘giving to Lord what belongs to the Lord and to Caesar what belongs to Caesar’, living peacefully as downtrodden people, suppressed and denied even basic rights to ress the way we want. The world should learn from Malaysia and Singapore when it comes to Islamic attire. We have NO issue so long as a security problem is not created. Why ban and prohibit Muslims from wearing the hijab or opening a halal store?

It is high time Muslim leadership STRUCK A BALANCE. I am against extremism and terrorism but it will continue to exist so long as JUSTICE is not done. I am AGAINST any manipulation of Islam to support RACISTS tendencies, with the objective of supporting a decadent society, community or race, just because they are Muslims.  The KURDS learnt their lesson in Iraq the hard way. NEVER get played out.

I do NOT support LOP-SIDED causes based on global news media reporting. For example, migrants fleeing to Europe or the issue of Rohingya. I support JUSTICE on a fair basis. What Australia did is the right concerning illegal migrants. We need to get down to the ROOT CAUSE of every issue to reach a solution, not close a blind eye or support suppression, oppression, murder and genocide on a political platform. One of the MAJOR reasons why extremism and terrorism exists is due to the lack of justice.

The rise in RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM can be witnessed in India and Myanmar. Nothing is done about it by the global media and world leaders. When Muslims worldwide view such injustices there is bound to be a backlash. How can a Muslim activist in Malaysia speak out against extremism and terrorism when fellow Muslims are killed at will over accusations of eating beef in India or view the atrocities against the Rohingya by Buddhists in Myanmar. Under such circumstances are we NOT encouraging hatred, extremism and terrorism? The failure by the US and the west to address such issues has led to the OCCASIONAL INDIVIDUAL SUICIDE BOMBER, a new phenomena, indication social hatred for the establishment! Should Malaysia or Indonesia become more religious intolerant it is because other countries have taken a lead doing so!

We need to also address the issue of PROXY WARS and the SUPPRESSION OF NATIONS that do not toe the line of a super power. The Chechens, Kashmiris etc all have rights that have been denied to them. Instead, we have intervention by the super powers as was the case in Syria which is nothing but a manipulation to serve their own goals and not the people of Syria. Look at Libya, Iraq etc – the whole goal has been to reduce these nations to poverty, instability, chaos etc. Why?

Muslims worldwide in general are like cattle herded into a coral. We are in the Prophet’s words, mere froth on the shoreline. No power respects us. We are NOT ‘leaders of mankind’ as mentioned in the Qur’an but boneless people who offer lip service to Allah all our energy all our energy and then fear our own shadows. We spend all our energy on nitty-gritty issues and fail to take in the wider picture. Our perception of Islam is a contradiction, full of hypocrisy; we preach one thing and do the opposite; we have no character, disciple or trustworthiness, but instead are full of CULTURAL pride and arrogance. It would indeed be good if every Muslim spent some time taking a good look at himself/herself in relation to Allah. If you did so, you will realise that your NEARNESS to Allah is a deception, an illusion due to your hypocrisy!

Why The Muslim World Is In Bad Shape

In today’s deceptive approach to understanding Islam, Muslims in general are mislead when it comes to understanding the Qur’an. Qur’anic verses are expounded on jihad etc, without any EMPHASIS on CHARACTER and DISCIPLINE. The teachings of Islam continues to be defined in a TRADITIONAL context, with the general mases taking on the form of ROBOTIC, RITUALISTIC, DOGMATIC, NARROW MINDED MINDSETS. The reason for this outcome is due to the way we have ADAPTED out lives to Islam in a HYPOCRITICAL manner. It similar to the fact that oil and water do not mix, thus, we give ‘to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to the Lord, what belongs to the Lord,’ We worship Allah in a devoted ritualistic sense and then ROB, PLUNDER and ABUSE every bounty that Allah has bestowed upon us, claiming it to be our own! We claim to believe in Allah BUT in reality serve our EGOISTIC desires.

What the Ummah has failed to realise is that on the whole they have been manipulated by their enemies and those with invested interest to fulfill so-called Islamic ideals. Seldom, are issues VIEWED in WIDER CONTEXT. As a result of it, many Muslims end up with a NARROW, DISTORTED VIEW or an INCOMPLETE view to an issue or crisis. Muslims in general are EMOTIONAL, SENTIMENTAL but are know to overlook the facts of reality!

The REAL cause for the destruction of the Ummah is due to its approach to Islam. We say that we believe in Allah, but in truth, it is an ARTIFICIAL UTTERANCE undertaken in ritualistic fashion. We tend to believe more in ourselves. Every effort on our part lacks SUBMISSION because every undertaking begins and ends with us. We do not ADOPT the attitude and approach that EVERYTHING begins and ends with Allah. It is He who INITIATES our moves through INSPIRATION so that we may achieve our goals, BUT when at some point it does not work out the way we want or hope, it is a CLEAR INDICATION that He has NOT approved it! You may be idealistic; you may want to change the world. No one said that you cannot do so, but how you want to go about it is a deciding factor. If it COMPLIES with submission to Allah (NOT merely His commands), you will succeed (Insha Allah). And if you go about it according to your egoistic desires, Satan will help you succeed. You CAN delay the divine decree of Allah but you CANNOT postpone it indefinitely! When it arrives, there will be NO mercy! 

The CHOICE is yours. As you sow, so shall you reap! If good Muslims feel that their fate has been unjust throughout time, well, Allah knows best, and the probable reason is that we DO NOT LIVE UP to His expectation of us being LEADERS OF MANKIND! If as Muslims, we feel that it is UNJUST that the KAFIR continue to act UNRESTRICTED, while we, who believe ENJOY no favour or advantage, you are WRONG! Every situation is like a bicycle wheel. Each wheel is interlinked, with each moving and functioning in accordance with its own interest, and in accordance with the divine will of Allah. Each wheel will meets its fate. There is a reason why Muslims remain in their current state and until they return to the RIGHTEOUS PATH, they will continue to SUFFER! As for our enemies, NOTHING REMAINS FOREVER no matter how hard they try to enforce their will upon us, their INTELLIGENCE, CUNNING, DECEPTION will be their downfall!

SUCCESS in Islam is NOT dependent on SLOGANS and BANNERS. It does NOT survive on RETHORIC SPEECH, but it DOES succeed through EXAMPLE! Iman is not based on mere Qur’anic verses or Ahadith. It is PROVEN through conduct! Shaykh Abu Ni’ma Maslama as-Saruji is the epitome of Iman (faith). It was his nature to treat his guests with hospitality; strangers with dignity; paupers with sympathy; the weak with civilty, and the wretched with mercy (do we possess this?). During his lifetime, the town of Saruji was attached by the enemies of Islam. They killed, looted and took prisoners. The Shaykh’s followers on hearing that their retreat was about to be attacked, approached their Shaykh and said, “O our master, the enemy has come…” The Shaykh replied, “Be patient.” The disciples (murids) kept reminding the Shaykh and he kept telling them to be patient. Only when the enemy had reached the distance of a stone’s throw did the Shaykh come out. With a WAVE OF HIS NOBLE HAND, he ORDERED the enemy to retreat. Their horses carried them away with such compelling force that they could not reverse their stampede no matter how hard they tried. Fatal casualties were high among the cavalrymen and their horses. Their formations were scattered as they reached the town walls. Later, they sent an envoy to the Shaykh, apologizing and seeking his forgiveness. The Shaykh replied, “Tell them (your leaders), He (Allah) will send you the answer you deserve for what you have done tomorrow morning, if He so will.” [Please note the language; the degree of faith and conviction]. The enemy were thus left wondering what their fate would be the next morning. It did indeed arrive early the next morning in the form of the Muslim army, who rooted them out and utterly annihilated them! (from: Neckless of Gems, Shaykh Muhammad Ibnu Yahya at-Tadifi in my book Pearls of Wisdom).

If you examine this scenario, it proves to us that the key elements are TOTAL faith in Allah (not just in your knowledge and intelligence; CLOENESS to Allah; it indicates CHARACTER and NOT just ILM (knowledge). None of us live us to this expectation. If you look at the leadership of the Arab-Muslim World, it is DECADENT! If you look at Muslim groups worldwide, all you witness is ETHNIC, RELIGIOUS AMBITIONS. If you look at Muslims in general the emphasis is on CULTURE. They fight for the WRONG REASONS. The reason why there is NO UNITY is because everyone places ‘self-interest’ above servitude to Allah. When your Islamic knowledge is FOUNDED on such beliefs and principles, the end result is DISASTER because such has no FOUNDATION in the sight of Allah. It is an UTTER WASTE of time and effort.

The ONLY way towards success in Allah, is to view your existence as the property of Allah. He has total rights over you, and has determined yours as He deems fit! The ONLY way you can alter your Qada’ and Qadar (predestination) is by turning to Him for FORGIVENESS, MERCY and KINDNESS, because what has been preordained will NOT be altered. ONLY through submission, can you hope to enjoy CONSIDERATION. Allah is ar-Rahman nir-Raheem (Most Gracious, Most Merciful), but NEVER assume or take anything for granted as a right of yours.


The South East Asia region is on the brink of arming itself with nuclear weapons which could possibly lead to annihilation of the region and the globe. Global politics and global domination has always been a serious threat to peace and stability. The US which was once a supreme power is no longer one today. Rising Russia and China, have been able to prove their worth. Every US consideration today has to be met with considerations because of Russian and Chinese influence and support for those who oppose the US. Sanctions and punitive measures fail because of support from the other side. In recent times, the North Koreans and Syrian enjoyed this benefit. The Russians and the Chinese were able to prevent further US domination and manipulation of North Korea and Syria. It was the right thing to do in view of the many US proxy wars in the Middle East in support of Israel, so that Israel remains the dominant power in the region. Look at Libya today. It was NOT about Qaddafi, it was about what he was going to do with the Chinese and Russians in Libya (oil etc)! Look at Egypt today. A legitimate government (Morsy) was replaced by another military dictator (Assisi) with US-Israeli-EU support in a manipulated legalised manner. Not a single western media (CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, etc) has spoken out against the pharaoh of Egypt nor the Israeli brutality, confiscation of Palestinian lands, expansion of Jewish settlements and the Palestinian state. Why? Because western nations are run and controlled to a major extent by the Jews. Even a British minister visited Israel recently to hold private talks; then there are countless exposures of Israel involvement in the British parliament reported in UK etc. Almost every nation is beholden to Israel in some way. Whether it is Hilary or Trump or anyone for that matter, America will always be beholden to Israel.

The Arab World, has been from the time of Lawrence of Arabia under despotic and corrupt leadership. It is totally dependent on foreign support (US, Russian etc) to remain in office. It has witnessed nothing but endless subjugation, manipulation, which serves Israeli interest at their expense. Both the Arab Sunnis and the hatred of the Shiites, have witnessed their demise for what appears to be their selfish glory, which in reality serves Israeli interest. NONE of these leaders have put their foot down over Palestine, but in fact are willing to sacrifice Palestine so the Iran should NOT possess nuclear weapons or be a threat to their existence.  Can you imagine the Arab League meeting to take action against Iran with covert Israeli support? Can you image the UAE taking action against Qatar just because it did not go along with its despotic ideals? And can you imagine that NOTHING has been done by these institutions to strongly speak out for Palestine? The Iranians are equally satanic in their ambitions in the Middle East. Though I respect Hizbollah to some extent, it is a nation within a nation. Israel is the ONLY country in the region with nuclear weapons. NO one will venture into this but everyone focuses on Iran and Hizbollah!

The US has been known to force its will on nation throughout the centuries. Well, this is wearing out now. so the ‘game’ has shifted into getting other countries to support it in the name of freedom and democracy. Unfortunately, it is the very same greedy US capitalistic machinery that led to China becoming what it is today. It is equally unfortunate that China has in turn become a big bully like the US. This has led to the issue of free navigational in the South China Sea and ownership of several islands in it. China’s attitude and display of power has led to insecurity in the region. It has HELPED Japan to embark on a nuclear weapons part as part of its security. This is a good move when we speak about ‘check and balances’ in the region. It also places the US in a favourable position in global leadership. The outcome ULTIMATELY will be nuclear annihilation! China may consider it politically smart to have North Korea as a shield but in the process, due to it failure to act responsibly, it is opening the door for Japan and South Korea to become another pawn in the political game (with nuclear capabilities). Japan has already said that it has enough material to make countless nuclear bombs. What this ‘game’ is leading to is that the US is eventually going to nuke North Korea and if China enters the game, Japan and South Korean will be contenders. The Japanese have no love for the Chinese. Its an age old disease. Forget about business…its an issue of winner takes all or NOTHING! Say goodbye to the world if we allow such to take place. Say goodbye to all the useless institutions we have (the UN, the Hague, EU diplomacy etc), who enjoy life at our expense. It will be a day where hatred has NO considerations over injustices!

What Is You Take On Life?

How Do You Value Life

Recently, I watched a video clip on BBC and YouTube about Mama, a 59 years old Chimpanzee, at the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands, She was gravely ill. Jan van Hooff (emeritus professor behavioural biology at Utrecht University and co-founder of the Burgers colony) who knew Mama since 1972, visited her in the week before she died of old age in April 2016. It took a while before she became aware of Jan’s presence. Her reaction was extremely emotional and heart-breaking. If you watch this video clip, it shows you that even animals have feelings. It was indeed very touching,

Chimp's death


The whole afternoon yesterday (28 October, 2017), was one of utter despair for me. I was unable to know the reason or cause for it. While travelling in the MRT towards an appointment, I asked myself a question: “What is life all about?” At that point in time, I received a phone call from my Australian friend, Adam from Kuala Lumpur. He said that his daughter, Salamh, had died in a car accident at Mersing, Johor. All of a sudden it became clear to me why I had been uneasy the whole afternoon. Both my silent question and the call made sense. Just what is your take on life? Do you value it? Do you realise that it can be taken away at any time and is it really yours to do what you like?

As I was heading towards my appointment at Masjid Sultan to mediate in an issue over a civil marriage between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl, several things came to my mind. The first: Everything is in the hands of Allah. I am merely fulfil a responsibility to offer Islamic advice. The decision lies with Allah and it includes the decision of the Muslim boy. As a Muslim, he knows the position of Islam on such matters.

Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist, we all have our own perspective on life BUT what is IMPORTANT is how we value it? Is it humane, compassionate, considerate, tolerant etc? Do who hold the view that your destiny is in the hands of the Creator and that your efforts to shape it does not solely belong to you? Life is NOT about you. It is about SUBMISSION and SERVITUDE to your Creator. If a Chimp can have feelings and emotions at the time of death, do we all not share such emotions when the time comes for us to depart? If Salma, at a young age, a girl who did not experience life as we know it, had to go due to what was preordained for her, just imagine what can happen to you anytime. Just what is your take on life? Is it just about you and your selfish needs and desires or is it about being happy doing some kind generous deed?

Islamic Extremism & Perception of Life

A MAJOR historical setback in Islam took place the day we gave up scientific advancement and replaced it with theoretical dogma. The western world advanced with the development of the alphabet and the printing press, whereas, the Arabic script remained handwritten and copied. Whatever was left of the Islamic empire and its rulers ended up in royal decadence, infighting and political destruction.

From a religious Islamic perspective, the simplicity of Islam and its value system at the time of the Prophet (s.a.w.) got replaced with ideologies based on madhabs and politics which further alienated the founding principles of Islam, replacing them with nitty-gritting long winded explanations over minor issues instead of taking in the wider picture of existence in a competitive and challenging world.

The emphasis on Islam today is in a PHYSICAL context. We are concerned over how we pray, recite the Qur’an, dress according to Islam, consume halal food etc. We are RITUALISTIC in nature BUT when it comes to CHARACTER, MORALS and CONDUCT, it is a DISASTER! The reason for this is the way we were raised and educated on Islam. It DID NOT begin with TAWHEED. It did not PERCEIVE Allah as the FOCAL POINT or CENTRAL PIVOTAL POINT of existence. Instead, we REPLACED Allah with our EGOISTIC RIGHTEOUS CONDUCT. We started acting on His behalf. We abandoned RESPECT over differing opinions, TOLERANCE and replaced them with RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE!

Today, Islam is about being a SUNNI or a SHI’A; it’s about Ali, Hassan or Hussein; it’s not about Allah or Muhammad. It about what MADHAB you follow; whether you are a WAHABE, SALAFIYAH, SUFI etc, not a SERVANT OF ALLAH, serving Allah and humanity for His sake and NOT your egoistic ambitions! We ALL claim to be Muslims; we ALL claim that our VERSION or IDEOLOGY of Islam is the ONLY right one… when you possess this kind of mentality, it sounds more like the behaviour of IBLIS! Have you seen a stalk of wheat? Have you noticed how it bends with weight? This how a Muslim should consider himself to be through submission and servitude to Allah. 

I have said this many times, there are SEVERAL LEVELS OF REALITY in Islam: The FIRST LEVEL deals with Allah. Muslims acknowledge that NOTHING EXIST but Him. There no god but Him; nothing takes place without His consent; there is NO power greater then Him. The list is endless and the Qur’an abounds with it.

The SECOND LEVEL deals with us, events, circumstances etc. This is the worldly level of perception, where the acquisition of knowledge and striving for success takes centre stage. REGRETTABLY, most Muslims begin their Islam at this level! We believe in Allah and His Messenger, but we BELIEVE IN OURSELVES FOREMOST! Life is ALL about us, not about Allah. THIS WHERE WE HAVE GONE ASTRAY! Scholars, Ustads, Imams, Religious teachers etc SEEM TO FOCUS on nitty-gritting things in a NARROW CONTEXT without taking in the WHOLE PICTURE. We do NOT perceive Islam in a dynamic context, in an overall sense, where character building, righteousness, morals, honesty, fulfilling our trusts and responsibilities towards Allah and humanity are supreme! What we have is a RITUALISTIC ROBOTIC PERFORMANCE of Islam without RESPONSIBILITY!

At the THIRD LEVEL of reality, it’s all about YOU and what you THINK according to your INTELLIGENCE, UNDERSTANDING and EXPERIENCE. Often it has nothing to do with others. It is your PERCEPTION, your POINT OF VIEW, which you try to IMPOSE on others! No one really cares or pays attention because it does NOT concern them! This why Muslims, who view themselves along ethnic lines end up being betrayed!

Both the SECOND and THIRD levels of reality are a FAILURE when you place them with the FIRST level of reality. Believe me, no matter what steps you take to achieve success, Allah has the FINAL SAY! Whatever WAY you achieved it, it was BESTOWED upon you by Him! Every INSPIRATION be it ILHAM or HIDAYAT from Allah or from Satan, it was APPROVED by Him! Do NOT deceive yourself that you know everything or that you are righteously correct, that would be nothing less than the attitude and behaviour of Iblis. Be HUMBLE; consider the views of others; reflect upon them because there is the possibility that you may be wrong!

If you begin learning Islam the traditional way, the current way, you will acquire you understanding of Islam at the SECOND LEVEL of reality. You will become a RIGID ROBOTIC INTELLECTUAL BIGOT! Your state of righteousness will look like Mt. Everest! I was once like this. Do NOT think that being a SUFI is the solution. Sufism today is nothing but a circus. It is COMMERCIALISED and even BUSINESSLIKE! It NO longer bears the hallmarks of simplicity, validity and honest servitude. It has an OUTER SHELL OF GLAMOUR without any SPIRITUAL CONTENT, because many Shaykhs INHERITED the Seat of Allah; it was NOT BESTOWED UPON THEM BY HIM! 

I do NOT speak out of arrogance but I can say this much to you, EVERYDAY spend some time reflecting upon yourself. Remember that the Prophet (s.a.w.), the BELOVED OF ALLAH used to take pride in being HIS SERVANT and then only as His Rasul! Take a good look at yourself; throw your EGO into the bin! Admit your sins, faults and weaknesses; repent and undo whatever wrongdoing you have done. Turn to Allah for FORGIVENESS, MERCY, KINDNESS and seek His CONSIDERATION over your needs, especially WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING so that you may DRAW CLOSER TO ALLAH, to become His friend, be protected and looked after by Him etc. Hadrat Bayazid Bastami (rahimullah) used to say to Allah: “Ya Allah, people ask you for all kinds of things, I only desire to be close to you!”

When you want to raise issues, do your homework, reflect upon your response. Many Islamic scholars will end saying, “Wallahu ‘alam” (Allah knows best). Do NOT end up like the Bani Israel, making life miserable. They asked so many questions concerning the sacrificial calf and yet ended disobedient. DO NOT become OVER-RIGHTEOUS when you know that the government collects all its revenue from every source of income (haram/halal). You may work with the Islamic Religious Depart or JAKIM in Malaysia, it does NOT make you any HOLIER because you do so! The salary you receive from such institutions all come from ONE source, the FEDERAL OR STATE TREASURY. However, you received your wages INDIRECTLY, thus making it PERMISSIBLE not HALAL. The Prophet (s.a.w.) has already stated that what is HARAM, cannot become HALAL! The WISDOM  of the issue here is: DO NOT BEHAVE like the Bani Israel! If you went around INVESTIGATING everything, I can assure you, the vegetables we consume cannot be eaten. All you have to do is visit Cameron Highlands or look at the countless video clips we get over how fish are raised locally!

It is our Qur’anic RESPONSIBILITY to promote good and to speak out against evil. One cannot become a fence-sitter, closing an eye to misdeeds, mismanagement, corruption etc, HOWEVER, one needs to possess WISDOM. One does NOT seek glory or fame; one ALWAYS needs to remember, that it is ONLY Allah that brings about change. We MERELY perform to seek His pleasure. As far as you are concerned, it is the SINCERE EFFORT that counts NOT the rewards, because it is for Allah to reward as He pleases!

Do NOT be EXTREME in you approach; try to understand why people behave the way they do; be compassionate and help them understand so that they may improve. If they CANNOT, it too is the will of Allah. At the same, do NOT be deceptive, by trying to be popular…do NOT sell the word of Allah for a miserable price! Do NOT amend or alter what Allah has decreed to SUIT you whims and fancies. Being MODERATE and MODERN in Islam does NOT mean abandoning the BASIC FUNDAMENTAL FRAMEWORK OF ISLAM to suit your whims and fancies! We have a Shari’ah; we have Fiqh, Tasawwuf, Tawheed, Tafsir, Ahadith etc – view all this within a framework of FLEXIBILITY! Not everyone was made out to be a saint. We all share different levels of Iman; different approaches to life etc. Seek out the best in life.

We Have a Way of Making Things Up

Recently, I received a spate of videos on what to do and not to do. Other video clips dealt with God and reasons why things take place. Having reached the age of 73, I find all this amusing because as a Muslim, realty is pretty clear to me, even if a person from another religion might say I am wrong. When I was young, I believed in many things, rightly and wrongly. With age you mature and realise many things. Your view of life is based on knowledge and experience and it helps formulate a conclusion.

Every religion or belief has a perception of reality and each differs in its own way accordingly. The Qur’anic verse: “To you, your way and to me mine,” is valid. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I can accept that and so should you as far as religion is concerned. To be honest, no one really knows their outcome, it’s just a matter of faith!

On an individual basis, we all CREATE our own perception of reality, without realising that it is built on situations and circumstances we are in. It is the TRUTH to you but probably an ASSUMPTION, based on a personal event and experience. This reality is FALSE. For example, a person dying from cancer and who has a few months to live will produce a lot of sentimental, emotional advice. A criminal will do the same. A dying person who witnesses REALITY as it really stands is known to tell those around him to this person this or that, as a means of atonement or righting a wrongdoing etc. If you read a Hadith and it mentions a lady filling her shoe with water for a thirsty dog and based on that deed she went to heaven – does it mean that we should all run out with shoes to give thirsty dogs some water and by doing so we will all go to heaven? That is NOT the message! The message deals with doing any simple good deed of servitude! This is a MAJOR problem with human intellect when it presenting Islam. It DOES NOT TAKE IN THE WHOLE PICTURE but only a NARROW SEGMENT!

Recently, I received a video on WhatsApp saying: “5 Reasons why Allah uses Problems”. He does so to protect you; to perfect you; to inspect you; to direct you; to correct you. It is FANTASTIC if you are IGNORANT (Jahil); it is FANTASTIC from an INTELLECTUAL point of view – FANTASTIC coming up with such CONCLUSIONS on behalf of God!

The INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY of humans is so GREAT, that at times, we ACT and BEHAVE on behalf of God. At times we THINK we know God better than He knows Himself, but in reality, we know NOTHING! Our knowledge and intellectualism is a mere drop in the ocean. However, since it is a Qur’anic command to acquire knowledge, unfortunately most end up like a “donkey laden with books,” (Qur’anic verse). I have been through all this as a religious student, then as an ustad and scholar. Now when I sit back and reflect on my past, I realise what a religious bigot I was (an over righteous idiot)!

When it comes to health, I receive so many video clips over what people should and should not do. Now trying going to a hardcore smoker and tell him that he will end up with cancer if he continues smoking. He will most probably laugh at you and point out someone who smoked and died without getting cancer! At 73, I had to undergo a cornea transplant. My medical examination showed that I have no heart problems, no diabetes, no high blood pressure – why? Because for years now I have been looking after my diet, BUT then God (an assumption on my part), decided I NEEDED a cornea transplant! Yes, information and knowledge does help us along in life BUT there is SOMEONE up there that decides and determines all things!

Seriously speaking, as a Muslim, Muslims NEED to realise that Allah is the CENTRAL POINT OF FOCUS. Everything revolves around Him; it begins and ends with Him; everything is determined by Him – NOT by you! You may play a part in it through EFFORTS, but ULTIMATELY, it is He who approves and determines all things. So, QUIT acting and behaving like Allah (God). Get rid of your EGO; go throw in in the rubbish bin! Stop HARPING on a narrow aspect of Islam (or religion). PROVE it by being humble. Take a good look at yourself, it will help you to be tolerant, forgiving, loving and caring, compassionate etc. QUIT all the RHETORIC about religion and imagine yourself standing before your Creator EMPTY HANDED! Try to take in the wider picture; try to acquire a wider perspective of things. A coin has an image, a denomination and a shape. Do NOT just view one aspect of the coin!

A Sufi shaykh said to his murid, “If you can’t understand what I have said, then, that too is the will of Allah.” Abu Lahab, Abu Jahal, both uncles of Muhammad (s.a.w.) ended up the way Allah intended (just as Iblis did too). Yet we also say that it was their choice. If you are at the FIRST LEVEL of Reality in Islam, it is all about Allah, not you! BUT if you are at the SECOND LEVEL of Reality, then it is all about you first alongside Allah… a sheer WASTE of time!

Finally, everyone is ushered (born) into this world with a book. It details your preordained destiny (Qada’ and Qadar). You cannot escape this. However, you can approach Allah concerning it. When you do so, please do NOT complain. It is a sign of disobedience; lack of submission. If you seek a favour, do NOT ask; out of the thousands of supplications you have made just how many were granted? INSTEAD, turn to Allah for FORGIVENESS, MERCY and KINDNESS because you could be part of the problem. By doing so, you stand a better chance (or a reduction in punishment). Your asking is one of CONSIDERATION. Always be grateful. Seek closeness to Him. Keep Allah in your heart and the world in your pocket.

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