The Decline, Destruction and Misinterpretation of Islam

Today, we are witnessing the destruction of Islam not only from our enemies but also from within our ranks. Islam has been distorted, misinterpreted and abused to such an extent that it has become difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood. Islam which was a ‘way of life’ has now become a formality. We reign in numbers but lack character, personality and direction.

What happened to us? History will show that we abandon scientific progress and instead got bogged down with dogma and religious technicalities. English got into print but Arabic did not. The end result, we got left behind in a developing word. The same disease continues to command our existence even today. We are consumed by dogma, fight for selfish causes, establishing our own ideologies and interpretations of Islam, and kill one another in Allah’s name. Just imagine, we have NOT been able to recover an inch of the Golan Height but we excel in killing one another to shout of “Allahu Akbar!” (God is Great!) – over what? Just to prove I am Sunni and you Shi’a! Every Muslim defender of the faith today fights for his RACE first and then his religion.

Today, we have become ritualistic models of Islam. We are engrossed in the externalities of Islam i.e. reciting/reading Qur’an, dressing, BUT possess no character. We turn up for prayer on Fridays and park our cars in the middle of road. We fulfil our obligations according to hukum but end up with ZERO rewards. Why does this take place? It takes place because we have NOT been taught to relate our acts of worship with responsibility. All we know is that we MUST do this or that in Islam because it is compulsory (wajib). We NEVER seem to view what we do in terms of RESPONSIBILITIES and CONSEQUENCES. We fulfil our ritualistic obligations to Allah, without reflecting upon the consequences of our actions. Are we robots? Do we NOT possess a sense of judgement, fairness and honesty? Why do we NOT place yourself in another person’s shoes? How would you feel if someone did an injustice to you, but you consider it alright to do so against another person!

What happened to ‘adab’ (etiquettes) in Islam? Islam is full of ‘adab’. It is based on respect, honour and dignity, yet most do NOT possess it. We do not raise our children in this manner and as a result of it they have no CHARACTER, no MANNERS, no RESPECT for anything.  Instead, we believe in western approaches to raising kids. Most do NOT even look after their health, wealth and the environment, nor are they grateful to Allah for bestowing such blessings upon them. Life is NOTHING but a selfish perception of PERSONAL DESIRES and WANTS. We all want to educate others on Islam, which is good, but we do NOT reflect on the need for self-examination and self-improvement!

Many turn up for Congregational Prayer or Tarawih, feeling great by bringing their kids along. What they fail to REALISE is that these kids distract and disturb fellow worshippers when they run around, weaving themselves in the congregation or standing in front of a worshipper who is praying, looking at him etc. Such conduct does NOT incur rewards. Instead, it incurs the displease of those praying, which in turn incurs Allah’s displeasure. Just what kind of mentality do such people possess? Some will answer you by quoting a Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w.). The truth is, they either had to bring their kids along because there was no one to look after them. Or they just did what they liked on the basis of their egoistic thinking. Just what does this depict? It depicts irresponsibility and selfishness! It is sinful! Avoid doing such. In the old days, there was a sign stating that children should to the back of the congregation; that they could not occur the front if they were NOT circumcised! Today, a parent has the same level of intelligence as his kid!

This is not all, often, we have someone praying besides us reciting his Fatihah aloud. I do not know whether he is deaf or maybe he has this notion that he needs to do so to possess concentration. What he did not realise is that it is HARAM to do so in congregation. He can do so on his own at home. NEVER become a source of discomfort to the person praying next to you! Closing ranks according to the Hadith does NOT mean leaning on or cramming the person who is praying next to you. How can you ENJOY concentration or nearness to Allah under such circumstances? Avoid doing this. The congregation out of politeness refrains from saying anything but BEWARE, in their hearts, they curse you and your lack of ADAB! It is equally DISGUSTING to see people using their hand-phones throughout Friday Congregational Prayer. They did Not serve Allah, nor benefited themselves in any way. They served Satan! The Hanafees like jamming up lines, while the Shafi’ees take up too much space; the Arabs in turn spread out their feet to keep the next person at bay! What we have is ignorance made into law.

CLEANLINNESS is emphasised in Islam. Many turn up for prayer STINKING! Their trousers drag along the floor and when they sit down you can see the cleavage of their bums! One wonders what in heavens name are the Islamic authorities doing in educating the Ummah. Why are Friday Sermons not dealing with the basic fundamental principles of Islam? Instead, it is full of garbage, dealing with politics, loyalty, terrorism, upholding Islam etc. On the subject of cleanliness. It may sound physical but the truth is: If you are not ‘clean’ how can you ever gain spiritual attainment! CLEANLINESS is a wholesome product. It is PART of IMAN, said the Prophet (s.a.w.), which indicates STATUS, POSITION AND IMPORTANCE.

There is an URGENT need to change our perception of life because it belongs to Allah. He created the jinn and you to serve Him. Your goal in life is to serve Him and mankind, to incur His pleasure. Life is about Him, it is NOT about you! Do NOT become a Muslim who complies with Islam according to your whims and fancies. Do NOT become a rebellious person who refuses to submit and then declares that this or that is OUTDATED or no longer RELEVANT today. DO NOT present your JUSTIFICATIONS in the way Iblis did concerning Adam, saying, “I am better than him!” Be humble and repentant over your weaknesses and shortcomings. Seek STRENGTH in Allah to be OBEDIENT. Try your very best to comply with His commands.

Like an iron rod, Islam has been cast into a furnace, heated, bent and twisted into whatever shape desired by opportunists to serve specific causes. Islam has become so distorted, abused and misinterpreted that you can hardly recognise what it really stands for. Islamic values, both spiritual and worldly, have been transformed to represent political ambitions, personal interest, greed for power and materialism. This disease has even extended into Sufism. The first sign of abuse is when a shaykh says he has met Imam Mahdi; when he offers salutations specifically designated to the Prophet (s.a.w.) to Imam Mahdi. This get worse when he abandons the given Hadith stating the name of Imam Mahdi and attributes it to a Shi’a. The late Shaykh Nazim of the Naqshbandi Order did this. Other shaykhs create an image of grandeur. They rob the treasury of their great ancestors to live a life of luxury. In this respect, one needs to read the true lives of the saints in Islam. They lived humbly, often in poverty, did no commercialisation, marketing or banding of their products; they lived just to serve Allah. What we have today is all glamour with the masses in a state of ignorance, falling victims to ‘status’. This decadence has reach such a high level that all you have is a ‘circus show’ of well-dressed people without big turbans, without any ‘makam’ (rank or station). They habitually hoodwink society over ‘kashf’ (unveiling of the unseen) and often use their ‘luggage’ (jinns) which they inherited from their ancestors to manipulate society spiritually!

The decline of the Ummah has been going on for centuries. It began after the demise of the Prophet (s.a.w.). It is now reaching its peak. It will produce a decadent society who only possesses a name without an identity, an Ummah which is self-centred, selfish, greedy, and will to do anything to survive, even if it means sacrificing a loved one. Every day, we hear calls to read the Qur’an, to learn Arabic etc. Did you ever occur to you that the Arabs do so and are in fact far better than us Malaysians in doing so but look at them? What has become of them now? My friend, learning to recite the Qur’an is important BUT understanding the word and living up to its expectations is FAR MORE important!

The call to recite/read the Qur’an is a valid one. It is similar to taking up a L-Driving Licence. YOU cannot remain at this stage all your life. You cannot remain a member of Tabliqh Jamaat all your life. You NEED to TRANSCEND beyond the PHYSICAL word to enjoy its SPIRITUAL state! The Prophet (s.a.w.) himself said that a time will come when they will recite the Qur’an better than you, but it will NOT descend beyond their throats!

Many Muslims spend their time speaking/preaching the ‘word’ of Allah in the Qur’an. They will do so until they die – just SPEAKING and PREACHING the ‘word’ of Allah. When will they EXPERIENCE the ‘word’ of Allah? They all continue to be struck at the level of ILMUL YAGEEN. They have yet to reach ‘AINUL YAQEEN before they can even perceive HAQUL YAQEEN. The Prophet (s.a.w.) was known as a trustworthy person even before he became a Prophet. When he because Allah’s Messenger, he was 45 (if I am not mistaken). How old are you now? This with a L-Driving Licence? Still dealing with the ‘physical word’ of Islam? Wake up man… are about to say goodbye to this deceptive world!

At the moment, what we have is INTERLECTUALISM. It is NOT Ilmul Yaqeen, because if you did possess it you would be safe! Current intellectualism represents nothing but a ‘DONKEY laden with books’ (from the Qur’an). This is followed by EGOISM, JUSTIFICATIONS, FREEDOM OF CHOICE etc. Everyone has become a champion of Islam. Everyone wants to speak on behalf of others. What everyone NEEDS to do is to take a GOOD LOOK at themselves before looking at others! It would be a GREAT MISTAKE on the part of an individual to THINK that he/she is a better Muslim that you are because he/she goes to a mosque for daily prayer!

The Prophet (s.a.w.) NEVER made anyone feel that he was above them. He never made them feel inferior, regardless of them being Muslims or not. The Prophet’s uncle, Abbas (r.a.) remain a close ally of the Prophet (s.a.w.) and only embraced Islam after the fall of Mekkah. In contrast, we see Muslims today behaving in such an ungodly manner, claiming their acts to be acts of righteousness. Muslims should avoid passing judgement on others. Instead they should be helpful. The Prophet (s.a.w.) was commanded in the Qur’an to say that he was no more a man like you. The only difference was that he was blessed with revelation.

The ORIENTALIST designed how we should view Islam. They translated the Qur’an into English with the word “KORAN” instead of QUR’AN; they made us believe that the ZABUR TAWRAT are books from the Bible. They presented the INJIL as the GOSPEL! Today, you do NOT need Orientalists to guide you on Islam. We have so many Muslim donkeys doing the job for us. The Qur’an states that they ‘sell the word of Allah for a miserable price!’ (Surah Tawbah 9:9). We have so many institutions guiding us, directing us, moulding us into good Muslims. Like sheep we are herded into pens to serve political interests, political ambitions – towards ways and means to remain in power! Like sheep we have become INCAPABLE of thinking for ourselves.

Today, Islam has become a tool of distortion and manipulation. To understand how it functions, you need to begin with the ‘Master of Deception’ – IBLIS! It all began when he uttered: “I am better than him (Adam)” (Surah Araf :12). (Allah) said: “What prevented you (O Iblis) that you did not prostrate, when I commanded you?” Iblis said: “I am better than him (Adam), You created me from fire, and him You created from clay.”]

On that DAY OF DISOBEDIENCE, the nature of Iblis became evident. Allah was aware of it. He created him such; that is his job designation. Allah granted him respite and postponed his judgement. We in turn have been warned to keep a safe distance from him and to seek refuge with Allah from him….it sounds easy…. but believe me…. he owns the world and the world is very deceptive. It makes you feel as if you are going to live forever!

I once was present when an ustad was reciting verses from the Qur’an to expel some evil jinn that had taken over a woman. While he was doing so, the possessed lady recited the same verses in a far better manner. The jinn in the lady then laughed. How many of you have fancy Qur’anic verse framed up in your homes and offices? Have they been able to protect you or keep you safe from Satan?

Do you remember the occasion in Hadith concerning a man stealing food from the Baitulmal of Rasulullah? Every time he was caught, he pleaded to be released. Finally, he divulged a secret. He told his captor that if he recited ‘verses from the throne’ (Ayatul Kursi), Iblis could never be able to harm him. The Sahabah then returned to the Prophet (s.a.w.) who asked him: “Do you know who that person is?” The Sahabah replied that he did not know who it was. The Prophet (s.a.w.) replied: “That was IBLIS”.

Just reflect upon this. Can you imagine Iblis telling you to recite Ayatul Kursi to be safe from him! Just how many of you have this verse framed up in our homes instead of our hearts, and have you been able to keep Satan at bay? Our understanding of Islam is physical; its dogmatic, ritualistic and it ONLY produces individuals with a checklist! (You prayed, fasted in Ramadhan, paid your Zakat and went for Hajj). How many times at Umrah, did a person ask you about the number of times they did Umrah, just to impress you? I usually reply that I have left my calculator behind. The same is applicable with gaining rewards for praying at Masjidal Haram and Masjidal Nabawi. Even at this point, not many would pass the test. This physical performance is JUST the beginning of your journey towards Allah. Just how long are you going to be at this level of realisation? The saint Shibli, when he first stood before the Ka’bah, he said, “Ya Allah, if this is your house, I have seen better ones that this.” Just how many people turn up at the Ka’bah like tourists and then spend all their time shopping. This was due to their physical approach to the Ka’bah. Have you seen a kid with a new toy? How long do you think his attention lasted?

The following year, during Hajj, Shibli said, “Ya Allah, I have not come to see your house, but the owner of the house.” After performing Hajj, he said, “Ya Allah, how can there be YOU, this House and me…this is ‘shirk’ (attributing to other that Allah). It was then Allh made him conscious that ‘ONLY His Face remains’ (Qur’an).

The Prophet Moses (a.s.) had to follow Khidir to acquire WISDOM. Intellectualism does NOT bestow upon you the wisdom of Allah. It provides you with KNOWLEDGE. To enjoy wisdom, you have to develop CLOSENESS to Allah. You need to look ‘INWARD’ Whatever you do, you need to be conscious of Allah’s presence and approval. Today, we see a decline in the quality of knowledge. Allah’s Messenger (s.a.w.) said, “It will happen when knowledge will be no more. ” Ziyad (r.a.) asked the Prophet (s.a.w.), “How will knowledge vanish despite the fact that we will be reciting the Qur’an and teaching its recitation to our children and our children will teach its recitation to their children up to the Day of Resurrection?” Thereupon the Prophet (s.a.w) replied, “Ziyad, do these Jews and Christians not recite the Torah and the Bible but not act according to what is contained in them?” (Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi). Did not the Prophet (s.a.w.) say, “A time will come when a man will not care about how he gets things, whether lawful or unlawful. (Bukhari).

In these difficult times of ours, it would be best if you paid more attention to yourself than to spend your time finding fault with others. You can only do so by offering a view or opinion. Whenever, you want to advise a person, ask yourself whether it will be productive or not. Do NOT play God or think that you can solve everyone’s problem. Be practical and realistic; be rationale and logical about your abilities and weaknesses. Improve upon your own conduct through self-examination. Upgrade your level of submission and servitude, Realise your goals and objectives in life. Keep Allah in heart and the world in your pocket! Do NOT simply accept whatever you are told in religion; check it out. Place an intention and seek Allah help to improve. Acquire IMAN, TAQWA, YAQEEN, TAWAKAL etc. Seek Allah’s Forgiveness, Mercy and Kindness and strive with sincerity and honesty to improve. Most all, remember, that EVERYTHING lies in the hands of Allah. Our Prophet (s.a.w.) realised this and submitted to every decision of Allah, regardless of whether it was in his favour or not.

It is NECESSARY to know about many things in Islam BUT you need to look at yourself and whether you have prepared yourself for your final destination. It is irrelevant whether Imam Mahdi arrives now or tomorrow. It is knowledge to know something about him, the signs of that last day etc BUT that is NOT going to be of any benefit to you if your servitude and submission to Allah is lacking! Fulfill your obligations; survive within your means; accept inconveniences and hardship; life is NOT a bed of roses. Learn from your mistakes and know that even the enemy in front of you has been placed by Allah for a reason!

‘Religion’ or ‘Deen’?

A good friend of mine asked me what is my view on “religion” vs “Deen”.

“Do they seek, other than Deenul Allah, even though to Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and on earth, which surrenders itself, willingly or unwillingly to Him, since to Him all must return?” (Surah Imran: 3:83)

“If anyone seek a deen (normal translation of deen is religion) other than than self-surrender to Allah, it will never be accepted from him, and in the life to come he shall be among the lost.” (Surah Imran 3:85)

Islam is known as a “Way of Life”. It is also known as “Deenul Islam”, “Deenul Haq” etc. English translation of the Qur’an translate “deen” as “religion”. This is done to simplify things BUT in reality “as a way of Life” Islam is far more comprehensive, all-encompassing that just religion. Becoming a Muslim is not a change of name and dress but it is a whole overhaul of thinking, attitude and approach to life that takes into account both mundane and spiritual life. Unlike the Bible which takes you now a sightseeing trip concerning Jesus’s life, the Qur’an deals with every aspect of life from the day you were created to your final destination, which depends on the “prescribed way of life ordained by Allah and put into practice by the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). As a ‘religion’ it is confined to faith and beliefs only.

English translations of the Qur’an have led many Muslims to believe that the “Injil” is the Gospel or New Testament. None of these books (Zabur, Tawrat, Injil etc) exist today. The Qur’an clearly states that these books have been replaced by the Qur’an. Indirectly Muslims have acknowledged what is believed to be wrong. Added to this is the word “Christianity”. The word “Nasara” represents Nazareens – Jesus of Nazareth. The Nasara were a sect of Judaism NOT Christians BUT we have come to accept the word Christianity. Jesus was a Jew. He circumcised, observed the Sabbath, went to a synagogue! NONE of this exist in modern day Christianity.

Another common fruitless technical debate is whether you are a “revert” or “convert” to Islam. The Qur’an provides us with a classic example. When the desert Arabs came to the Prophet (s.a.w.) and said: “We have believed.” The Prophet was command by Allah to reply, “You have not (yet) believed; but say (instead}, ‘We have submitted,’ for faith has not yet entered your hearts. And if you obey Allah and His Messenger, He will not deprive you from your deeds of anything. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (Surah Hujurat 49:14).

People who go on like this on an intellectual basis to prove how learned they are, remain so throughout their lives with a ‘L Driving Licence’. They cannot transcend to Ainul Yaqeen or Haqul Yaqeen because they have yet to ‘experience’ the ‘word of Allah’. However, when one is asked concerning such matters, out of politeness one is required to answer for Allah’s sake. All this dogmatic, ritualistic, intellectual and theoretical debate has been the cause for the demise of Islam.

What it means and Takes to Be a Muslim Dog Lover

Before I converted to Islam in the 60s, I had a dog. However, I do not keep one now. There is a lot of misconceptions about Muslims keeping dogs in Malaysia. Of course, Islam has rules and guidelines over keeping dogs. Instead of learning about these rules many Muslims get hung up on western perceptions over keeping pets, animals and dogs. You cannot claim to be a Muslim in the western context. You have to be one in the Islamic context, otherwise just go change your religion.

It’s a misconception to believe that Islam does not care for animals. Muslims may not but often it is out of ignorance. We cannot say that every Westerner or Christian priest or pastor loves dogs better than Muslims do….that’ bullshit! It is a matter of understanding the rules and laws governing dogs. Singapore is a good example….Malaysia is a bad one! We may have laws but they are hardly enforced.

Malay Muslims in particular have a narrow perception of keeping dogs. This is because we are Shafiees (The Shafi’e School of Jurisprudence). Once Dr Tan Sri Yusuf Noor, the then minister in the prime minister’s department gave a talk. He aid that if a pig were to pass by in a Malay kampong it could cause a riot, but Muslims not praying would not, and yet we know that if you come in contact with pork, all you have to do is purify yourself one time with mud, followed by six times with water and you will be cleansed. However, if you miss your prayer it cannot be repaid!

That was in the 80s. Today, things have changed. A pork bristle paint brush etc is ok because it lost its original identity seems to be ok. (B the way, if you suffer from diabetes and only pork insulin works for you, you can take it on the condition of saving your life. It does not become Halal but is necessary due to specific conditions)

However, as Muslims, we do need to keep in mind that there are fundamental principles in Islam that deal with relations with the ‘unlawful’. HARAM is the common word we use but please take some time off to ponder over what I am about to say. The PIG was NOT created UNLAWFUL by Allah BUT MUSLIMS are PROHIBITED from CONSUMING PORK MEAT (Qur’an). Do you think that Allah has nothing else to do…creating HALAL and HARAM animals? Everything He has created has a purpose. However, we are GUIDED not to consume such animals/meats because of their natures and the impact they have on human existence! Reflect upon what I have said. It is rational and logical but it is NOT taught at religious institution!

Every dog has RABBIES and dogs need vaccinations. If the saliva of a dog gets to your mouth you could be in trouble. If it bites you and you get rabbies. When you gt bitten say “salamun qawlam mir-Rabi-Raheen” (peace from your Lord Most Gracious….actually say goodbye!). Of course, we think we are all modern in this scientific age and do not need religion. With today’s advancements, some will argue that the pigs lives in a clean environment and are vaccinated (not in all countries).

We Muslims are so GOOD at justifications, just like Iblis (Lucifer) was and is, we are capable of coming up with LOGICAL arguments that have no Islamic foundations whatsoever! Iblis is the ‘Father of Logic and Reasoning”. His argument against Adam was valid BUT Allah said otherwise! So, there are many Muslim like Iblis objecting to many commands of Allah. The want to be FAGGOTS for western media attention, an if any Muslim country fails to comply, every western institution will be up in arms against it!

Animals in Islam are respected and treated well. You can find sayings of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. on rewards and punishments concerning the treatment of animals. Unfortunately, most Muslims fail to heed the advice.

Some people do pay a great deal of attention to their cats and dogs, at the expense of other humans. They spend more money on their cats and dogs, than they spend on their own family members. Some are known to send their pets to stay in luxurious hotels and bequeath large amounts of money to them. Why? Because they lost faith in humanity? Thank Allah, this is NOT permitted in Islam. Such wills will be revoked in a Shari’ah court!

Who said you cannot keep a dog as a Muslim? You can BUT these rules are to be observed. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) said: “Whoever acquires a dog – with the exception of a dog to guard livestock, a hunting dog, or a farm dog – each day a Qirat is deducted from his reward,” [Abu Dawood]. Ibnu Majah narrated from ‘Ali Ibnu Abi Taalib (r.a.) that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said, “The angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or an image.” (

There are conditions for keeping dogs but DEFINITELY not as pets. They are used to guard your house, look after your livestock or taken out to hunt. When it comes to hunting, the dog has to be trained not to bite into the animal or eat a part of it. If it does so, the dead animal cannot be eaten! Many cage their dogs…they must be given an area to roam around. In many countries dog droppings must be picked up. In Malaysian, they can shit on the car porch, left unclean etc… Why? Because we are a great nation, everyone can do whatever they like…?

The dog like the pig was NOT created HARAM by Allah but they are prohibited to Muslims according to rules established by Allah and His Messenger in our interest. If you think your western ideals are better that those of Allah and His Messenger, that is your choice. It will be then up to Allah to enlighten you through someone or reward you with what you deserve, according to your choice! We all enjoy freedom of choice BUT is it Satanic or Righteousness in Islam? Keep a dog if you want but observe Islamic rules governing such. Take into account the cultural environment, the pros and cons, and you will find that it is not a GOOD choice. There are other alternatives. And if you need love that bad and cannot get it from a fellow human, go buy yourself a sex doll and speed your delivery to hell! (Please kindly do not view this article in any other context because I would be wrong in my comments….).

ROOT CAUSE OF TERRORISM: Failure of the US/UK/EU to Address Long Standing Issues.


The root cause of terrorism and extremism has its beginnings in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It has a lot to do with US Foreign Policy towards Palestine in support of Israel. The UN in turn has been a total failure when it comes to upholding Palestinian rights and ending continued Israel aggression and expansion of Jewish settlements etc.. The recent statement at the UN by the US representative clearly mentions Hamas being a terrorist group that should be banned but never uttered a word about Israeli abuses. This age old ongoing injustice has been expanding with proxy wars in the Middle East, the setting up of brutal Arab governments and the continued support for such governments, is a clear indication that things are NEVER going to get better. Some time back the Saudis were blackmailed over having to pay compensation to Sept 11 victims…all of a sudden this fizzled out. The idea was to remind them as to who is their godfather. The recent action against Qatar is further proof of it. The real goal behind these moves indicate the goal of suffocating all support to Palestine for the benefit of a Greater Israel, with Arab leadership consent, as part of a deal for Egypt and Saudi to remain in office and to enjoy continued support. To date, no global institution (especially the UN nor the mass media –BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera etc) has come out in the open to demand an end to Israeli violations. Why? The answer is simple, the mass media is owned and dominated by Jewish interest; whoever wins the US presidency is related or has Jewish connections, and no matter who wins, Israel remains the winner! All these attacks on Trump are just “wayang kulit” (shadow play). Obama was part of the deal and every successor merely takes a step forward for the Greater Israeli Plan to be envisioned. If at all we had a Palestine state, it would be some uneconomical desert strip with Fatah as its leader! Israel has already made it clear what it wants and it is a matter of time before Gaza and Jerusalem is consumed.


There was a time when moderation existed in the world. Muslims as a whole were very tolerant. Their leaders adopted the persuasive approach with the US and the world at large but what did it gain them. It offered them nothing. Instead all these nations and their leaders (the whole Arab/Muslim World), were further bullied and forced into following US policy to stay in office. It is this basic fundamental denial of justice that has created internal turmoil for many countries worldwide. Instead of addressing the root cause, western governments embarked on further supporting western aggression and imperialism, by sending their troops to fight terrorism rather than to fight injustice! Jeremy Corbyn, the British opposition leader, made mention of British involvement in the war in Libya. Look at Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Syria today. Thanks to criminals like Bush and Blair, the whole Middle East is in total destruction – just to serve the wider political picture with Israel in the background!


Just who is the real sponsor of terror? If you look at Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and now Yemen, it becomes very clear to many what is going on. The news media is the main culprit. It only provides current news as it is viewed with a touch of its own version in unnoticed language BUT fails to take to task the real culprits behind the scenes. Even ISIS is given a make-over. BUT how do we explain a convict becoming a Caliph, operating unchecked for four years, amassing billions, before being brought to world attention? Who actually set ISIS up and for what purpose? Like Saddam, this guy grew too big for his boots and had to be terminated as another angelic cause! It is obvious that the US and its allies are the prime cause behind global chaos! Unfortunately, Arab leaders have failed to live up to expectation and in a certain context are viewed with hatred. This has led to further turmoil within countries in this region. It has opened the door to Islamic fanaticism and extremism.


Terrorism is the result injustices by the world. It has gained a foothold in NEW interpretations of Islam. This is understandable when you view global trends that fail to address the Palestinian issue, Egypt and its overthrow of a legal government, Qatar and its subjugation, the Kashmiri problem, the rights of Muslims in Thailand and the Philippines etc. The neglect of humankind, coupled with suppression and injustice, has only made it clear to many Muslims worldwide that since we are all designated to be sent to the slaughterhouse, you might as well go there before you sent to be exterminated!

I myself am totally against the manipulation of Qur’anic text as witnessed in many British documentaries on home-grown terrorism. I find it dangerous and no one should be allowed to do so whether he is a Shi’a or Sunni. The same is applicable to western right wing movements, who abuse the Prophet of Islam through caricatures etc. BUT when you look at the world today and you witness the injustices taking place through US Foreign Policy; when you look at the demonising of Islam by Christian groups in America; ultimately and regrettably, things are moving ONLY in one direction and its fuel is HATRED for what this so-called civilised world represents! Under such circumstances, what hope do we have? Further restriction of human movement and activity to contain terrorism ONLY produces a similar opposite response which is also filled with determination. When we watch documentaries and we see Muslims behaving in a determined extreme manner (by hatred speech, by beheadings and now recently individual attacks), it shows that they have become engulfed in their own distorted thinking which is the result of what the world has become today!


Today, the trend is to acquire a truck and to ram into people, followed by attacks of stabbing. What makes individual’s end up like this? We may attribute it to Islamic indoctrination but that is just part of the truth. No member of a society turns bad without a reason or a cause. When there is an imbalance in society; when a specific sector is neglected, ignored or even suppressed, any individual from it will respond in some way. When you look at the amount of money spent by governments abroad on wars instead of attending to society at home, you are bound to witness a decline in the standard of living, contentment and happiness. The amount of money spent in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, could have been better spent serving humanity, poverty etc. I already predicted some time back that terrorism will become an individual affair and no matter how much surveillance is conducted it will become a modern day trend of accountability to the suppressed. Addressing this situation is not easy but governments need to clean up their acts and pay more attention at home than go policing the globe! The mass media NEEDS to play a more honest and decent role. It needs to STOP serving private interest and global domination of a few over the majority. Enough of all these bloody reports such as “Terror threats ‘overlooked’ by politicians: The UK government has – for years – failed to take the threat posed by Islamic extremism seriously enough, says Col Richard Kemp. Col Kemp is former chair of the Cobra Intelligence Group, which advises the government on intelligence matters. He was speaking in an interview with BBC Newsnight dated 26 Jun 2017.” Instead it should get down to the ROOT cause of terrorism!


My friend Anwarul Haq spoke to me today on the phone and he pointed out some aspects of life at different stages that are viewed differently. Being an old man, I have the tendency to emphasise the hereafter more than I do this world. I did not realise it, but as you get old, the focus of attention shifts from this world to the hereafter in a righteous moral context. 

At times, it is difficult to put so many perspectives in place. For example, many young people are generally focused on SURVIVING. They have to work to pay their bills (house loans, car loans etc). This would be their first PRIORITY no doubt. The question at this point is: “Are you happy doing what you do (job)?” If you are NOT happy and work just because you HAVE to work to pay your bills, that’s NOT a good situation at all! BUT if you are happy doing what you like, then that is good, provided you can still pay your bills!

As young person STRIVING in this world, it all about TODAY, it’s about MONEY….fine, I accept that BUT how you go about it is important. There has to be a moral righteous outlook to how you go about surviving. MONEY is NOT the only thing in your life. It does make a difference, but when you examine the rewards (as you sow, so shall you reap), being RICH also means being MISERABLE! You can ONLY be RICH in every way if you spend a part of your wealth in SERVITUDE to God…otherwise, it just comes and goes like PIPE WATER! I know many rich people who are miserable. They make a lot of money to be cheated – it’s part of the process of purification and accountability. They do a lot of charity work with a lot of question marks in brackets. They forgot that God gave them the wealth to GIVE it out to others! There is nothing glorious about it. You were given it and it becomes your duty to help mankind!

As young people, we all take things for granted. We ABUSE our bodies to REAP the effects when we grow old (that’s if you are allowed to grow old). We hardly care about the advice we receive. When you reach your 40s and 50s the ALARM bell starts to ring. You may end up in hospital etc. The hospital wants to know whether you have INSURANCE coverage? Who is going to pay the bill? Now if you take a few steps backward, you would have realised that you should NOT have wasted your money on USELESS things but PLANNED for your future!

That is the PHYSICAL aspect of life. From a SPIRITUAL perspective, one needs to get a CLEAR perspective of ALLAH, the PURPOSE of CREATION, your ROLE in it and your FINAL DESTINATION. What is important here is to KEEP THE WORLD IN YOUR POCKET AND ALLAH IN YOUR HEART. If you did this your vision of survival as a young person SURVIVING in this world will be about ALLAH first and then WEALTH. [O you who believe (Iman first) and who perform righteous deeds].

There is NO concept of ABANDONING THIS WORLD or RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARDS IT! This is a DECEPTION. It is ESCAPISM! However, do NOT become a WORLDLY person; a person without a righteous direction. As for COMPROMISES: we all undertake compromises for the sake of survival, but you need to ask yourself: “Are they worth it? What is the end result and outcome in the Hereafter? I CANNOT answer you because it involves you. All I can say is that Allah knows best and you should know what you are doing with your life!

Do NOT become a JUGGLER juggling aspects of your life with the notion that oil and water do not mix! Many rob a nation and then act generously thinking that they can wipe the slate clean. It does not work like that with Allah. Be HONEST, TRUTHFUL and SINCERE with Allah. He knows what is in your heart whether you reveal it or not and He will NOT hold you to account over that which you had NO choice in deciding!



The latest spate of problems with Qatar and what we are told on television does not really reveal what is really going on. If you take a few steps backward and view the situation, you will note that there is an ideological religious between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt. Why is Qatar accused of terrorism? It is because it supports the Ihkwan Muslimin in Egypt and Hamas in Gaza? Even this is not true. The Amir of Qatar is the only decent Arab Muslim leader, who not only supports Islam but helped rebuilt Gaza several times over. This of course is an irritant to the Pharaoh of Egypt, Saudi Arabia over its kingship and US-Israeli ties and ambitions in the region. One should instead question the legality of the Egyptian government, its brutality, its human rights record and Trump’s support for such despotic regimes in the area. Instead, Qatar is questioned and forced into submission. Why all of a sudden, we have so many leaks in the wrong direction?

To understand this situation, one needs to understand corrupt interest in the region, where political and despotic interests prevails over justice, especially over Palestine and Egypt. Some time back these Arab nations had already applied pressure on Qatar to quit supporting Islamic groups. It wanted Qatar to sign a declaration to this effect but it refused to do so. This would have meant is a TOTAL SELLOUT OF GAZA to Israeli occupation and annexation! Fatah was also part of this deal which shows but kind of people we are dealing with as Muslims. 

If Qatar has to do this, it would mark the end of Gaza. I am not interested in Hamas or Fatah but I am concerned at the way Arab leaders look at their own interest instead of the Ummah as a whole! This is disgusting. We pray facing the Ka’bah which they the Saudis own but yet succumb to Trump and Israel over lands that belong to Palestinians. How come none of these so-called Arab leaders championed the Palestinian cause alongside Qatar? Instead, of using their power and wealth to do so, they end up supporting the US-Israeli cause just to enjoy fringe benefits (financial aid) and remain in power.

Qatar is in a delicate situation because the US has a major base there and it can easily kill, depose etc the current ruler and set up a puppet ruler. They tried it in Turkey. Qatar may consider links with Russia and Iran and maybe sign some defense alliances with them but on the whole, Qatar is at a dead end. It spent all its wealth on physical structures and now has no food. In a way, it too is receiving its due from God for its own countless mismanagement practices and corruption. However, the issue now is Palestine and the role of all these despotic Arab leaders in the region. Israel has been masterminding the whole situation and remains in the background, while the Muslims masses are misdirected by the mass media over what is really going on in the region.


The word IKHLAS in Arabic represents “fidelity, sincerity, purity and refining”. In the Qur’an, it is referred to as “Surah Ihklas”. This Surah is also known as Surah Tawhid. It is a short declaration of God’s absolute oneness contained in four verses.

Worshipping the Creator is not an imposition upon mankind but rather a choice. This is reflected in the Qur’anic verse, Let there be no compulsion in religion.  Truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks, and Allah hears and knows all things.” (Surah Baqarah 2:256)

Allah’s sincerity is so great that it contains no boundaries.  Everyone, regardless of his religious beliefs or rejection of Him, continues to enjoy of His Bounty.  Even Lucifer (Iblis) continues to do so to this very day. Such is Allah’s greatness.

Allah’s sincerity requires no redemption of sin or salvation, other than to turn to Him in sincerity for forgiveness.  This has been expressed in the Qur’an, and the reason for it is simple, everything moves in accordance with the divine plan of Allah.  It was Allah who caused Adam to lapse into a state of forgetfulness, causing him to sin so that mankind could come into existence. 

It is recorded in the Traditions of the Prophet (s.a.w) that when Moses (a.s.) went up the mountain to communicate with Allah, Lucifer (Iblis) approached him seeking his intercession with Allah.  Allah’s response required Lucifer to visit Adam’s grave and to perform prostration before it.  On being told this, Lucifer replied, “What Adam!  No never!” and off he went in anger (Bukhari). It a human trait to be egoistic.

For submission to Allah to become a reality, it has to be undertaken willingly with sincerity.  As such, IKHLAS becomes the key word and factor for success in this world and in the Hereafter. How SINCERE are we when it comes to our thoughts, words and deeds? Do we really mean what we say when offer words of goodness, praise and encouragement? What are our intentions when we are motivated to seek a favour or when we offer to help someone or become their friend? The truth is: most of us are opportunistic individuals seeking benefits at the expense of others. We claim to serve Allah but in truth serve our own selfish interest!

If you are a self-centred person living in a worldly fashion, then life is all about you. It’s an existence where you only take but give nothing! If you ever give, it is motivated to seek further gains. You are indeed corrupt! People, who are truly happy, are those who take pride in serving humanity for God’s sake. But a corrupt person who survives on cheating others, fears for his wealth and secretly knows that it is a nightmare! People who acquire wealth, power and position in this manner, NEVER really have a day’s rest! Outwardly, they look great and prosperous, but inwardly, they suffer in silent misery. Every step, every day, ushers in more headaches!

If I were to ask you (in an Islamic context), “Who created you?”  The answer will be, “Allah.”  And if I then said to you, “Why do you worry so much over that which does not belong to you and which has been promised to be looked after by Allah?”  You will probably consider me mad or irresponsible, but if you look up the Qur’an, notably the events surrounding Mary, the mother of Jesus (a.s.), you will note that every time Zechariah entered Mary’s chamber, he found her with sustenance. However, when this state of reliance in Allah weakened within her, she had to seek dates from a date-palm tree. (Surah Maryam 19:22-26).  The result of this was TOTAL confidence in Allah. However, it is more than just a word. Qur’an states: “When My servants ask you (O Muhammad) concerning Me, I am indeed close: I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me.  Let them also with a will listen to My call, and believe in Me, that they may walk in the right way.” (Surah Baqarah).

Allah continues to look after us.  This He has promised to do so, however, He has NOT promised to fulfil every whim and fancy of yours. In this respect, He has provided you with a brain, intelligence and a conscience, to reflect and to think over how to overcome issues and problems which you have to tackle within your means. It is erroneous to just make kids and believe that He will look after them. There has to be a degree of responsibility and sincerity over doing so!

Success as such depends, to a great extent, on your sincerity towards Allah and your willingness to submit to His commands. If you belong to Allah, would it not be appropriate for you to remove your own desires and replace them with His? In truth, you are a vassal created by Him and as such should be filled with what He desires of you and not what you desire for yourself.  If you undertake this, then you will be looked after by Allah in every way.

Everyday, spend some time looking at yourself…..look at all your deeds and actions. Ask yourself, how many of these were truly sincere; how many were devoted to Allah just for His sake without any expectation of a reward. Remember, Muhammad, took pride in being the Servant of Allah before being His Messenger. Our role in life is to serve Him and humanity in a sincere, honest and righteous manner, seeking nothing but His Pleasure.

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